Dragon’s Prophet Housing Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Housing Guide by Dagron

to get to the housing area the portal is in north Arteicia in the laedis zone after you get here to get a house you…

first find a fenced off area and interact with the sign

buy plot

buy your plot.

then head over to the the Building merchant in the larger buildings in the area

buy houses

buy a few houses since we do not know what they look like.

next head back over to your plot of land and for placing the house it is easier to see what your doing if you are in the air. after getting to your plot you will notice a house icon appear at the top of the screen hit escape and click the icon and go to the second tab this is for your house and housing decorations. Drag the houses you bought earlier to this area and then select one. at the bottom of this window there are 3 buttons 1 to place stuff 1 to remove stuff and 1 to lock stuff so you do not remove it on accident

place stuff

click the one to place stuff (shown in photo above)

after clicking it a red or green outline of you house appears if it is green you can left click to place your house if it is red you can right click and rotate the house to try to see if you can make it fit drag it around and rotate it to where you want it.



after you are happy with the location and orientation of your house left click and you have a house


I hope this will help those having trouble learning about how to set up a house.

Ok to add to the walkthrough we have a map showing the location of the portal to the housing zone

portal location

the dragon stair portal is the thing you are after

to find the building merchant and decoratins merchants go to buildings like this

building merchant

if you can’t find an open plot of land(one with the fence and sign) find a portal like this and you can go to one of the other housing zones.


the portals are bugged and can be a pain to get through try a few different directions and you can get through

on this map the Arrow icon of my toon is facing a portal to another zone

portal icon

there ya go hope this add info makes things easier.

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