Dragon’s Prophet Reducing Lag Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Reducing Lag Guide by huguinho1990

Some of us dont have the best computers, so i will give you some easy tips to reduce the lag you have without upgrading the computer.

Hope it helps.


Right click the My Computer icon and open the Properties item :In the Advanced tab choose the Performance tab, click on Settings;In the Visual Effects tab, select the option Adjust for best performance.

Disable ZIP folders

Go to Start Menu -> Run and type “regsvr32 / u zipfldr.dll” (without the quotes);
when you see a text box with the message “DllUnregisterServer in zipfldr.dll succeed” as confirmation of registration.
Warning: This method may damage your system if you do not run accurately. If you do not know what you’re doing do not do it

Remove unneeded applications on Startup​

Open the Start Menu -> Run and type “msconfig” (without the quotes);

Go to the Startup tab and uncheck all programs that do not need to be loaded on windows start up. Be careful do not to uncheck important applications, such as Anti-Virus. Remove only those that you know.

Warning: This method may damage your system if you dont run accurately. If you do not know what you’re doing do not do it..

Cleaning the Hard Disk

Open the program in the Start Menu -> Programs -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup;

Check all the items you think should be deleted. Enjoy and remove programs you do not use frequently. It takes 500 MB of free space for Windows to work well.

Limiting the number of sources

Each time Windows starts, it loads all the fonts . Ideally it shouldnt go over 500, or the system will run more slowly. To remove fonts, go to the folder [C:] -> Windows-> Fonts and move the files to another folder (or even a USB flash drive, for later use). Be careful not to erase sources you want to use.

Keep the computer updated

Always make the Windows updates and keep your drivers up to date. Updated driver can have a significant performance in the system. To update Windows, go to the address http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/. To update their components, consult the documentation and the website of the manufacturers.

Beware of Spyware and Viruses

Besides other evils that these programs can do to your computer, Spyware and Virus on the system slows the same. Use only one good anti-virus in your pc’s and keep it up to date. To remove Spyware, use programs like Ad-Aware and Spybot. To remove virus, using programs like AVG and Avast.

Defragment your Hard Drive

If you often install and remove programs or erase many files, once a month do a defragmentation of the hard drive. With this task, the HDD organizes the data on the disk, making it easier to read. To do defragmentation:

Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter.

The program that will open, fasten the Defragment button.

**Apart from these methods can use several programs like CCleaner, Advance System Care, Smart Defrag, among more ..

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