Dragon’s Prophet New Player’s Guide

Dragon’s Prophet New Player’s Guide by ArcaneTrixter

After spending most of the day in game answering questions, I thought I would write this up and answer some of the most commonly asked questions, and share some of the information a lot of players seem to miss.


You have 3 resources to keep track of: health, action points, and dragon soul points.


Health: your life bar; when this reaches zero, you die.
Action Points: used for sprint and abilities. Regenerates automatically over time, or by attacking with left click.
Dragon Soul Points: used for dragon soul abilities and taming dragons.

As I mentioned above, sprint uses up action points. You can sprint by tapping then holding the direction you would like to move in (W-> hold W). You can also double jump (Space -> Space). These make getting around much easier until you have your dragon mount.

Most classes (excepting Guardian), also have access to an escape skill. Mages/Oracles have a teleport skill (teleport/flash), and ranger has backwards roll. Teleport can be used to move in any direction by holding a direction button and hitting R, allowing you to dodge attacks. Guardian has a Parry ability instead, which blocks damage while draining AP to use (push and hold R to parry).



Physical Damage: Damage done with physical attacks (class dependent)
Magic Damage: Damage done with magical attacks (class dependent)
Critical Hit Chance: percent chance to do double damage.
Strength/Intelligence: Increases physical/magical damage by a flat amount. The amount increases for every point in strength/intelligence.
Constitution: Increases health.
Ferocity: increases crit chance by an amount. The value per point decreases with level. (exact formula currently unknown).
Focus/Dragon Affinity: increases physical/magical damage by a percentage. This has very, very poor scaling at low level, and gets slowly better as you level up. The break-even point for this at level 16 is that 1 strength=1 focus at ~1780 strength. Generally not worth putting points here.
Charisma: Allows you to more easily tame dragons, increases your summoned dragon’s stats, and allows your dragon to be summoned for a longer period of time per summon. As summons currently have no cooldown, that part is wasted.

I said that physical attacks and magical attacks were class dependent because sorcerer and oracle use magical damage for their “primary attack” (left click).

How to tame your dragon


Taming dragons is done through a mini-game. Your goal is to fill up the red bar (“taming points”) before you run out of dragon soul points. You move the icon around by tapping WASD to move the icon UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT. The dragon will attempt to buck you off, pushing the icon to the outermost circle.

In the innermost circle, you get 9 “taming points” and lose 40 dragon soul per second. In the outer ring, you get 6 “taming points” and lose 60 dragon soul per second. If you are outside of both rings, you get 3 taming points per second, but lose 120 dragon soul per second. The easiest way to tame a dragon is to try and keep the icon in the center most ring for 12 seconds. If the dragon successfully bucks you off, but you are not out of dragon soul points, you will be able to push a key (F in most cases) to get back on. This will recenter your icon and allow you to continue trying. If you run out of dragon soul points, you will be unable to tame the dragon.

There are several things you can do to make taming easier. The more charisma you have, the less the dragon will buck, and the less violently the icon will get moved around. The dragon will also be easier to capture if it has less health.

Once captured, the dragon will show up in your stable (P key). From here, you can rename the dragon (click the pen/edit button to the right of the dragon’s name), view stats and abilities (mouse over the abilities on the right hand side to see descriptions where they exist), or compare him to existing dragons. You can drag dragons from your stable to a hotkey to be able to summon a specific dragon at will.

Common Questions

How do I train my dragon?
That depends on what you mean by “train.” We have several things we can do to make dragons better. No matter what, you’re going to need the lair manager.

The first option is to train him to get him experience, so he can get more stat points. You will normally want to send your dragons on resource missions, so that they will also bring back crafting resources. These missions are the second tab on the right side when selecting a dragon in your lair.


Another option is to do skill training, to improve one of your dragon’s skills. This mission is located in the same place as the resource gathering missions are.

Be sure to go to the 5th tab and pick up the resources your dragons brought back for you.


If you want your dragon to learn more (non-elite, non-dragon soul) skills, you can use the field training option. This training option gives you a chance of one of your dragons passing a skill to another dragon.


Unfortunately, you don’t control which skill will be passed, or which dragon will learn a skill.

Once your dragon has gained some experience, or has retrieved fodder by doing missions, you can level your dragon up. In the third tab of your lair, you can access the Dragon Training tab.


This tab allows you to spend stat points, feed your dragon some delicious fodder to level him up, or sacrifice a level 10 dragon to level up another dragon. The top line indicates how much fodder is available. Fodder directly translates to experience for a dragon. The next line shows the dragon’s current taming level, and the experience needed to get him to the next level. To the right are two buttons; the first feeds your dragon fodder, and the second sacrifices your dragon to improve another dragon. Below is a stat web for your dragon. You can increase any stat up to 10 by spending stat points. The cost of a stat increases by 2 every other level (1,1,3,3,5,5, etc). You can raise a stat past 10 by sacrificing another dragon.

Where are these crab traps this quest is talking about?


There are wooden crates on the ground along the shore here. Lure the crab over to the crate, and then use the crate. If a crab hits you, it will interrupt you and you will have to re-use the crate.

Is this quest broken?
Soul-Soothing Lamp is broken right now. Just abandon it and move on.

How many stat resets do we get?
You can reset your stats as many times as you want, before level 16. As soon as you hit level 16, it will cost you 200 station cash to reset your stats. Make sure they’re however you want them before then.

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