Dragon’s Prophet Dragon Classes List

Dragon’s Prophet Dragon Classes List by Zumbaro

Ancient –

Details: Little is known about these mystic beings. They are the most rare, exotic and probably the most powerful kind of dragon.

Skills: *unknown*

Grand –

Details: This is the four-legged dragon. They usually live on the flat and open terrain. They have well balance between strength, stamina and speed, They will attack you with their very strong front feet and with their giant front teeth. It is a dragon that is located relatively high in the food chain.

Skills: Outbreak and Fragmentation

Gliding –

Details: The gliding dragon, even though it has wings, only has the ability to glide. When on the ground this dragon will crawl using his wings as an extra pair of legs. They live in the forest. They will glide from the towering old trees to the ground to reach their prey.

Skills: Highly toxic and Cutting edge

Masasaur/Mosasaur –

Details: These amphibious dragons are very slow on land, but even in a little amount of water no other dragon can compete with it. The mosasaur has four legs, shorter tails and huge jaws as their main source of attacks. Mosasaurs live in areas where there is an abundance of water, such as streams, lakes and seaside. There are a small number of dissimilar mosasaurs living in the desert or in magma.

Skills: Elements and Corrupt

Bug –

Details: This is a very mysterious dragon, also known in old folklore as the worm dragon. They usually have a very hard exoskeleton. The styling of this dragon is a natural act of God. The bug Dragon is seen by the people as an evil presence. (Players cannot crawl underground while mounted)

Skills: *unknown*

Flying –

Details: The flying dragon is unlike any other dragon, it can actually fly. This dragon mainly lives in mountain cliffs or caves, they have a very high IQ and are very powerful. The dragon will make use of its flying advantage while hunting. This is the highest symbol of power for the Dragon Knight.

Skills: Long range Magic and Curse class skills.

Raptor –

Details: The raptor is a very high speed bipedal dragon. Their IQ is slightly higher than the IQ of normal dragons. They are capable of hunting in small groups. This dragon has sharp claws and teeth; they belong to the high-level predators class in the food chain of Auratia. They usually inhabit the plains and forests along them.

Skills: Cutting Edge and Outbreak

Tank –

Details: The tank dragon, a heavy dragon, belong to the more docile than other dragons. Their huge body is the most obvious symbol of their power: it is used to deter and attack their enemies in the field. Tank dragons usually live in grasslands and. Although they are slower than most dragons, they are often used to carry heavy objects around.

Skills: Heavy Blow and Life

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