Dragon’s Prophet Leveling Dragon Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Leveling Dragon Guide by Monstermadness

0.1: Leveling
0.2: Items
1 : Leveling
2 : Field Training

0.1 Leveling:

Leveling your dragon can be a huge boost to it! As you can increase the stat points of it

(Will explain in a different guide) These stat points can give a good boost on the level or damage on your dragon. In this guide I will explain you level it up.

0.2 Items:

Dragon Provisions:

This is needed to level up your dragons, you can get this by gathering craftings materials or others things with your dragon.

Dragons Potentials:

These are needed to increase the level cap on your dragons if they reached the cap, first cap is 25.

These are obtainable by leveling a dragon to level 10 and then sacrifice it to Laedis Academy.

Dragon Training Whip:

You can do 3 field trainings per day for free (To train skills to other dragons etc) These items will increase the field for one time per item.

1. Leveling Time!

Congrats on capturing your dragon, time to level it up and make it stronger!

But before you can do that, you will need to do something and you need some items before you can level it.

First go the Dragon Lair manager, you can see where he is on the map by the following sign:


Then talk to him and put your dragon inside your lair by dragging it.

After you have done that, go to Dragon Training


The items you need before you can level are called “Dragon Provisions”


These items are obtainable by letting your dragons gather stuff for you like crafting materials, flutes, napolite or gold! Here you see that you get dragon provisions from gathering. You can pay the first 5 hours with gold, if you want more hours after each others, you need 5 diamonds per hour.


The gathering will give you around 20-60 dragon provions per hour.

Well after you finally have your Provisions. Time to level it up!

Go back to the “Dragon Training” window


In the top you see will see how many Dragon Provisions you have.

For me its 8861. (White Circle)

If you have enough provisions you can feed you dragon with it.

By clicking this button:


After clicking it, your dragon should level up if you had enough Dragon Provisions.

Now you will have 1 stat point to use on your dragons stats.


Now you can put a stat points in one of the dragons abilities

  • Con
  • Strength
  • Focus
  • Ferocity
  • Dragon Affinity
  • Intelligence

You do that by clicking up on the arrow wich you want the stat point to increase.

If you hover over the arrow, you will see how many statpoints you need to increase its level, and with how much percentage your stat points will increase


After that you will see you stat points increase at the Maximun (Max 10 on first time)

My constitution here increase, and total skill points available decrease.


After you increased all your stat points you want, and cant increase more. You press save under the statpoints left. Here I will go full con and partly strenght on my Skitter.


Well the max level of your dragon is now 25. But what if I tell you, you can increase it, buy sacrificing one of your dragon to Laedis Academy.

To sacrifice one of your dragons, the dragon should get level 10 first.

After that, you press the sacrifice button.


Then you see your Potential Provisions increase by 1 per dragon.

After that, you press the: “Increase dragon cap limit with Potential Provisions”


After that you can see the Potential Provisions decrease (Yellow) and you can see that you can level your dragon up again (Red), and your max stat points to (White).


2. Field Training

Field training is very easy but you will need to, if you want a super powerfull fighting dragon.

You can teach skills from 1 dragon to another, or level 1 up, if both dragons have a same skill.

Its not a 100% chance the skill you want will go over. Its all random.

You see that my Runewake Dragon can learn the skills under his name from my Midnight Shade and vice versa.

In the picture, you will what skills can be transferred (Blue), Dragon soul Skills CANNOT be transferred to other dragons.

As I said, you can see that you have 3/3 Training left today(Yellow), you will get 3 free trainings each day. But you can buy a “Training Whip” for 49 Diamonds.


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