The Settlers Online Bounty Hunter Adventure Guide

The Settlers Online Bounty Hunter Adventure Guide by SidV

Hi folks!

The Bounty Hounter adventure is maybe the first adventure what you will play. You get them with lvl26 and it’s the tutorial adventure.
It’s very easy to play and you could finished it in 1-2 hours with only one general.

Have fun with it, see yu,

Adventure Infos:
Player Level: 26+
Difficulty: 1/10
Number of Players: 1
Duration: 3 days
Experience Points: 202
Where to get?: One adventure as lvl26 reward and you could buy a 2nd one from the gemshop for 10 fish

Reward Infos (XP 202)


Tactical Map

Garrison Settings
Units need: 80C is the cheapest way (no loses). You could also use 100R if you have no C at this time.
Units lost: 0 or some R

1) 10 Scavenger [80C]
2) 5 Scavenger [80C]
3) 10 Scavenger [80C]
4) 6 Scavenger, 6 Stone Thrower [80C]
5) 15 Scavenger [80C]

R = Recruits
C = Cavalry

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