The Settlers Online Camp Blocking Guide

The Settlers Online Camp Blocking Guide by MrH4m

Hello there! Again!

Another guide where I will explain basics of how to block camps. No worries – I’ll try to keep it short this time.

Why would you want to block camps, anyway?

Mostly because it saves you lots of troop casualties. Furthermore, its funfunfun

When you block a camp – you are actually trying to skip all those nasty camps that are preventing you from attacking a bandit leader directly, and thus removing the remaining bandit camps in the sector of that particular bandit leader (you will still get the full experience when the adventure comes to an end).

How do you do this? By letting one of your generals engage the bandit camp you want to skip and at the very moment you see the fight in front of it, you can then enter the bandit influence zone of that camp with another general.

By doing that your generals pass by freely; they are on the way to attack your main target – bandit leader.

If there is only a small influence zone around the camp which your general needs to skip, then you can send 1R with the first general (2 rounds).

If your main general(s) need a longer amount of time to pass the influence zone of the camp you want to skip then you will need to include units that will fight longer and give your general(s) more time to pass freely.

Will the units, which you sent to first skipped camp, die?


If you did it properly, they will still fight and your main general(s) will have enough time to finish fight with bandit leader. This will automatically lead to the destruction of the skipped camp and thus save rest of your army and that general from losing that battle (recovering time).

Most important details in camp skipping are:

– this guide (hehe)
– lag free server
– timing
– your own garrison placements and
– army configuration for each of those generals.

Everybody loves pictures right?

As an example we will use a tricky camp blocking setup on adventure called Island of the Pirates.

Because of the large influence of the camp which we want to skip (which is right in the path leading to the main bandit leader camp – C9), we will be using an army which can take more damage per one round of fight while inside the bandit camp. That will give time for both of our generals to pass it by and, most importantly, to save the army attacking the skipped camp from dying.

We will use the following configuration:

C9 = 52E or, in my case, 62S (5-12 / 5-11 rounds) [0] <— notice the zero here
C10 = G1: 117 (2 rounds) [117R]
C10 = G2: 13R 1S 148C 38XB (2 rounds) [10 – 13R]

One thing to note from this example is that using Elite soldiers could give us more valuable time for the other generals to pass by (+1 extra round).

On the picture below we can see the proper placement of the garrisons and optimal position of the general (attacking C9). It also shows the optimal moment to send G1 and G2 to attack (C10).

I failed in taking the screen shot at most crucial time. The part which we needed to see was the second general entering the influence zone right after the fight in C9 started. You can then just lean back and watch while two other generals freely pass C9 and start to fight C10. G1 is soon defeated and your second wave is continuing the attack. After a while you should see on your monitor something similar to picture below.

What we now see is: G1 with 117R (that just died) is retreating (he did his part – softening the bandit leader) and two fights in front of C9 and C10 together with the bar above the camps which are telling us how much longer the fights will last (in other words, progress bar).

After leader camp is defeated (C10), C9 is automatically removed from the map and we can, as seen on the picture below, clearly see that we did not lost our precious 62S and on top of it all – we saved 50R (maximum loss) by “skipping” C9.


– The bandit influence zone can be seen by clicking on any bandit camp.
– If your main general enters the influence zone of the bandit camp you wanted to skip, the results will be devastating. In that case, general with whom you wanted to attack bandit leader will attack the camp which you wanted to skip. Do not say that you have not been warned.
– Keeping the above in mind, you can send your main army 1-3 seconds later than described in the various tactical maps and get away with it, but if you rush it and send it even 1 second earlier – you will most likely fail.
– The trick with a Battle Hardened General is that it needs less time to finish any fight in which it is engaged. By using a BHG, we get some additional time and increase the chance of killing bandit leader camp before fight in the camp being skipped is over.


– User “Nanele 1964” that did THIS awesome tactical map (hats down)
– User “oO_Camou_Oo” for creating the best overall adventure guide thread ever ^^
– User “Andelar” for his tip regarding Battle Hardened General
– User “fishslice” for correcting my fail typos & grammar -_- Cheers m8!
– User “BuffyNZ” for correcting fishslice’s fail typos and grammar xD
– To you for reading this



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