The Settlers Online Witch Of The Swamp Adventure Guide

The Settlers Online Witch Of The Swamp Adventure Guide by Killste

Witch Of The Swamps is a adventure with bonus reward chance to get adventure: Old Friends

Adventure Infos:
Player Level: 26 +
Difficulty: 3 / 10
Number of Players: 1
Duration: 2 days
Where to get?: Adventure seek with explorer or ?

Tactical map

Garrison Settings with normal method without block:
Units need: 600R 200C 72LB 155S or 588R 75C 175LB 155S
Units lost max: 564R 75C 23S or 588R 75C 7S

Davey Dent and his garrison setup.

1. 40 Cultist. 200 Cav
2. 50 Cultist. 4R, 1S, 195Cav (4R)
3. 40 Cultist, 40 Fanatic. 10R, 1S 195Cav (10R)
4. 60 Cultist. 10R, 1S, 189Cav (10R)
5. 40 Dark Priest, 60 Shadowsneaker. 45R, 155S (45R)
6. 33 Cultist, 33 DarkPriest, 33 Shadowsneaker. 51R, 149S (51R)
7. 120 Cultist. 54R, 76Cav, 70S (51R)
8. 80 Cultist, 60 DarkPriest. 51R, 5S, 144Cav (50R)
9. 40 Cultist, 120 Shadowsneaker, 1 Dark HighPriest. 110R, 10M, 80S (110R, 9M)
10. 100 Cultist, 99 DarkPriest, Witch of the Swamp. 1st. 125R, 75Cav. 2nd. 90R, 50Cav, 8S, 52LB (215R, 75Cav, 5S)

These are the highest number of losses i have had, when i got lower ofc just counted it as a bonus.
Edit. I now use Killste’s figures for 10. results in less resources being lost.

Tactical map with Veteran

Garrison Settings with normal method without block
Units need: 259R 250C 40LB 205S or 259R 250S 40XB 205S
Units lost max: 259R 93S or 257R 82S

I highly recommend to use [kaos] guild garrison settings if you have xbow units.

Units need: 392R 1B 40M 250C 1S 40A
Units lost max: 392R 1B 25M

Another nice garrison setups from aklbr

1. 40 cu 1S 199C –
2. 50 cu 5R 1S 244C –
3. 40 cu 40 fa 5R 1S 244C 5R
4. 60 cu 4R 1S 244C 4R
5. 60 ss 40 dp 44R 66S 44R
6. 33 cu 33 ss 33dp 51R 153S 51R
7. 120cu 42R 25S 183C 42R
8. 80 cu 60 dp 35R 1S 212C 35R
9. 40 cu 120ss 1hdp 76R 2M 172S 76R 2M
10 100cu 99 dp 1W a. 195R 30C 195R 30C
b. 83R 100C 67LB 83R
The second wave may be trimmed according to 1st wave results:
my last was: b) 77R 113C 60LB 76R

Tips. With skip method your generals need to attack from landing zone (you need to wait because they travel long distance) and you dont get full experience from adventure. I just wanted add this method because I like skipping method and it’s reduce losses with recruits. Good tactic if you want loot and don’t care much of experience points. Skipped camps are bandit leader camps and they don’t have red zone that will intercept your general.

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