The Settlers Online Silo Information Guide

The Settlers Online Silo Information Guide by Seekhunt


By building the Silo, you will for every 12 min. (excluding times to the storage) give 1 wheat to the closest wheat field. With every upgrade this number goes up by 1. The silo should be placed as close to a wheat field as possible for the best production.


Expansion of 1-2: 250 Hardwood planks 300 Marble
Expansion of 2-3: 100 Gold 400 Marble
Expansion of 3-4: 500 Gold 1000 Marble
Expansion of 4-5: 800 exotic wood planks 1000 Granit
The upgrade will be taken to level 1 if the building is demolished

Refund: Building is demolished with the bomb icon and placed in the star menu.

Production details:

Production time (excluding times to the storage): 12min.

Produces 1 wheat at a wheat field per cycle at the closest one.

Picture of a layout

Gives a better idea of placement

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