The Lost Titans Mount Upgrade System Guide

The Lost Titans Mount Upgrade System Guide by lisaliwanna

When the player reaches Lv. 10, he/she will automatically obtain the Pegasus which can increase character’s speed by 10%. Players can also purchase higher level mounts from the Mount tab in the “Pet” window (press “P” to enter the Pet window). Higher level mounts boost a player’s speed more, and provide an additional buff to a player’s resistance. Bonus attributes from mounts won’t disappear, even when the player is not riding his or her mount.

2.jpg Golden Pegasus
3.bmp Storm Ray
4.bmp King Tallbladen
5.bmp Wings of Destruction

In order to upgrade your mounts, click the “Pet” button (or press “P”) and click on the “Mount” tab. On the bottom of the window are options to upgrade your mount. Before you can upgrade your mount, you need to extract PetSouls. Players get 10 free opportunities to extract PetSouls per day, though they also have the option to spend 10,000 silver per extraction, or 100 Gold. Once a player extracts their desired amount of PetSouls, they can click the “Mount Upgrade” button to apply the PetSouls toward upgrading their Riding Skill.

The player’s Riding Skill is indicated by 10 stars. As more PetSouls are spent upgrading your mount, the mount gains experience to light up the stars. After all 10 stars are lit, the player’s Riding Skill will level up, and the mount will attain increased attributes. The higher the Riding Skill, the higher ALL of your mounts’ attributes will be and the appearance of ALL of your mounts will change! The only exception is the default Pegasus, whose appearance and attributes won’t change with increased Riding Skills.

The new appearances/colors for upgraded mounts are:

Riding Skill Level 1:


Riding Skill Level 2:


Riding Skill Level 3:


Riding Skill Level 4:


Riding Skill Level 5:


Riding Skill Level 6:


Riding Skill Level 7:


Riding Skill Level 8:


Riding Skill Level 9:


Riding Skill Level 10:


In order to upgrade their Riding Skill, players will need to consume PetSouls. Every player gets 10 chances to draw PetSouls per day for free, and all players get a chance to draw a bonus amount of PetSouls.

After gathering PetSouls, a player then can upgrade their mounts by investing their PetSouls toward leveling up their Riding Skill. Each batch of PetSouls increases a certain amount of experience that will fill each of 10 stars. When all 10 stars are filled per Riding Skill level, the player’s Riding Skill will level up, and all mounts’ attributes will increase.

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