The Lost Titans Guild System Guide

The Lost Titans Guild System Guide by Maryia

Establishing and Disbanding a Guild:

One cannot establish a guild if he or she is already a member of another guild.
2. The maximum roster ofa guild is 200 people.
3. The founder of a guild must be at least level 16.
4. The founder must first purchase a Guild Scroll (worth500,000 silver) in order to initiate a guild.
5. The initial level of a guild is 0. The guild will level up through development. Members can developtheir guild by donating Gold or silver. By doing so, players will gain individual Guild Contribution points, which can be used to buy medallions.
6. Guilds canonly accept members who are level 15 and above, and who are not already activein guilds within the same faction.
7. Guild Leaders can assign silver in the Guild Warehouse to guild members. The maxlimit is 3,000,000 silver per day. The Guild Warehouse’s silver supply can goup in two ways – one option involves the guild members donating silver fromtheir own funds; the second option occurs when one guild occupies the City ofLight, then when all players on the same server complete the Tireless Watchquest, Scroll Quest, Magical Lamp Event, Bounty Hunter, Vigilant Defense and QuestCycles, the warehouse of the overseeing guild will increase by a certain amountof silver.

Joining and Leaving a Guild:

1. One cannot join aguild if he or she is already a member of another guild.
2. One can only join a guild from the same faction
3. After a player submits an application to join a guild,the player can also continue to apply to other guilds.
4. Guild members cankick members with lower rank out of a guild. The Guild Leader, however, needsto resign and find a replacement in order to quit a guild.
5. Once a guild memberleaves a guild, his or her Guild Contribution points will be reset to zero, andthe player must wait at least 72 hours before being able to participate in anymore guild events.

Guild Requirements:Guild Name:

No spaces or illegal symbols are allowed in the guild name. Once the name is confirmed, it cannot be changed.
Guild Leader: There is only one leader in the guild who has the rightto disband the guild, modify the guild manifesto, approve and kick out members,transfer positions, and appoint and/or dismiss guild officials.

Deputy Leader: There can be up to 2 Deputy Leaders, both of whom havethe right to modify the guild manifesto, approve and kick out members, andappoint and/or dismiss guild officials (except for the Guild Leader and anyother Deputy Leader).

Number of Members: The number of official members (not including theapplicants).

Faction: All guild members must be members of the same faction.

Guild Construction: The guild level will automatically upgrade whenthe guild construction reaches a certain level.

Guild Positions: Guild positions determine the limitations oftheir authority over other members.

Guild Contribution: Members can increase their Contribution bydonating silver, Gold and finishing Guild Quests. Each member’s Guild Contribution points will continue to grow as long as he or she remains in thesame guild. The Contribution points will be reduced to zero after the member leaves the guild, or the guild disbands itself. Guild Contribution points areconsumable. Personal Contribution points can be exchanged for medallions.

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