The Lost Titans FAQ

The Lost Titans FAQ by maruko123

1. Q: What kind of game is The Lost Titans?

The Lost Titans is a 3D Action MMORPG that is a bleeding-edge approach to browser-based gaming, immersing the players in a 3D world filled with action and adventure, with client-game level graphics.

2. Q: What are the system requirements?

The system requirements are quite low. Any ordinary PC can run this game fluidly.

The recommended system requirements are:

Operating System: Windows XP / Windows7 / Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Conroe 2.2GHZ or above
Graphics Card: GeForce 8800GTX or Radeon HD3870, GeForce 6600GT or Radeon 9800 PRO with 256MB of memory or above
Hard Disk: 2 Gigs+ of free disk space
Resolution Rate: 1024×768

3. Q: Is The Lost Titans available to play on a Mac?

At the current time, the game plug-in is an .exe file, so unfortunately, unless a Mac has Boot Camp installed, The Lost Titans is unavailable for Mac. However, we hope to release a Mac version in the future.

4. Q: I am unable to enter the game. What should I do?

Some quick fixes may do the trick:

Option 1: Press Ctrl+F5 to refresh the webpage.
Option 2: Close your current browser and re-open it to enter game.
Option 3: Use another browser to enter game.

If all of those methods don’t work, then you may need to re-install the game.
This is sometimes needed when the game needs a new patch that doesn’t self-install correctly.

How to Uninstall and Re-Install The Lost Titans:
Step 1: Click on the START menu and search for your CONTROL PANEL:
Step 2: Open the PROGRAMS AND FEATURES menu (or if directly in the Control Panel, click “Uninstall a program”
Step 3: Find the document called “TrianglePlayer” (which may also have some foreign symbols in it, too) and uninstall it.
Step 4: Go under C: and locate the folder “zywxsoft” and delete the folder
Step 5: Empty your Recycle Bin
Step 6: Go to The Lost Titans game URL and download the plug-in from the landing page of the website:
Step 7: Re-install the game
Step 8: Close and re-open your browser, then go to the game URL. It should work now.

5. Q: At what level can I participate in PvP?

You have to be at least level 15, and have played through enough of the main quest-line to have selected a faction.

6. Q: How do I choose a faction in the game?

Once a player reaches a certain point in the main storyline, he or she will have the chance to choose a faction in order to progress with the main story.
Once a player chooses a faction, it is a permanent decision that affects all future gameplay for that character, and is the determining factor for choosing future allies and friends.

Choosing a faction is a big decision, and it may be worth looking into the Factions section of the website to learn more about them. Ultimately, though, the community within each faction will evolve as the players get to know each other and develop a culture, so it may be worth just doing your research inside the game to ask what the community is like.
Of course, you’re always able to choose on a whim!

7. Can I change factions once I choose a faction?

Your faction choice is a permanent choice. It’s like being born into a family. The permanent factions are intended to increase loyalty to your faction and to all of your friends within the same House. The game does offer a recommendation for what House you should join, and you earn some rewards for going with the recommendation, but considering how permanent a choice this is, you should always feel free to choose based on your intuition!

8. How do I increase my walking speed?

When you reach level 15, the game will automatically provide you with your first mount, a white Pegasus. Traveling on your mount will slightly increase your moving speed. There are also several mounts that you can purchase using Gold which offer higher moving speeds.

In addition to your mount, each player has a Town Portal skill. Clicking this will automatically recall you to the City of Light.

9. How do I get a Pet?

When the character gets to Lv.15 and having completed certain main-line quests then you can get your first Hero-Swifthorn. Collect silvers and level up the combat rating can summon more powerful heroes.

10. Q: What should I do if the Combat Rating is too weak to defeat monsters?

When your character reaches level 8, an icon will appear on the right side menu that looks like a wooden hammer. Using this option will help you upgrade your equipment and weapons, in addition to socketing Rune Scrolls to improve your Combat Rating. If you become a VIP by purchasing Gold through the online shop, you can increase your Combat Rating much faster.

11. Q: How do I unlock Mystic Runes, and what do they do?

After you socket your equipment with 3 Rune Scrolls, you are able to use Mystic Runes. Mystic Runes have one additional purple attribute that you can add to enhance your equipment further.

12. If I find a bug or another kind of problem in the game, how can I submit a bug report?

Players can submit any bugs they discover while playing the game to our forum:

13. Q: Why are the Treasure Chest rewards that I won in the Arena different from the rewards that others won?

The rewards are dependent on the character’s level. Characters higher different levels end up getting better rewards.

14. Q: Why is it that some players can enchant their equipment 52 times, but my own equipment maxes out at 40?

VIP-6 players get the ability to enchant their equipment 12 additional times.

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