The Lost Titans Instance System Guide

The Lost Titans Instance System Guide by zqgame

There are 6 instances in each zone, starting with the Assembly District, and each has two modes: Easy and Nightmare. There are three ways to locate the instances, as well. The first way a player can discover them is by wandering the map, though a player can also visit the instances by following quest-lines within the game. The third method is to press “M” or to click the Map interface, and select an instance from the Map window – the character will automatically route towards the instance of your choice.

In order to access instances via quest-lines, the player will end up accepting quests from NPCs throughout the game. Most often, the quests will involve killing monsters, and after the player finishes the task, he or she can go to the relevant NPC to claim their rewards. Instances are completed after players defeat all of the Bosses within the instance, and players can leave an instance through the blue portal that will appear once the last Boss dies.


Before a player can enter a Nightmare Mode instance, a player first needs to complete the same instance in Easy mode. Instances have different NPCs and monsters depending on which mode a player chooses.

After a player defeats the last standing Bosses of an instance, a portal will appear that will lead a player out of the instance. At the same time, a card system will show up upon instance completion that will give a player a reward of their choosing, and StarSouls:

finshi npc2.png

Locations of instances can easily be found by pressing “M” or pressing the Map interface, and looking at the top right of the screen:

1. Assembly District (Lv. 5+)

assembly district.png

2.Arts quarter

arts qurter.png

3.Coral Quarry

Coral Quarry.png

4.Shaman’s Rest

Shaman's Rest4.png

5.Giza’s Tribute

Giza's Tribute5.png

6. Dark Dunes

Dark Dunes 6.png

7.Ophion’s Realm

Forges' Fire 7.png

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