The Lost Titans Energy Efficient Use Guide

The Lost Titans Energy Efficient Use Guide by Bankai

The highest amount of energy you have is 100 energy. In this guide i will tell you how to use energy efficiently and earn the Maximum benefit from energy.

Hi. My name is Bankai, I’m one of the top players in The lost Titan in Grecia server. This guide will take you through the steps of which i follow for how i use my energy.

energy 1

Requirements: 50 energy

This will require you to do simple steps which are simply talking to Dante, Vigilant Defense and Khaldun, scroll vendor

DanteVigilantDefense Khaldunscrollvendor

The 2 Main quest you be gathering is Vigilant Defense and Scroll quest .

vigilant defense scroll quest

Step by Step action

1.Once you you talk to Dante, Vigilant Defense, there should be a Total of 5 quest similar to this picture

energy step 1

Once you have this, you should ACCEPT all the quest. (Make sure not to miss one)

2. Once you have finish ACCEPTING the quest from Dante. Talk to Khaldun, scroll vendor. Once you have Clicked on her, her shop should open with full of scroll. These scrolls are called quest. These will cost and it is cheap and most the EXP you get from it. You should gather 5 scrolls Corresponding or Near your Level.

energy step 2

If you are a Level 15, you should buy Scroll: Highway Raider Camp, Sacred Training ground, Summit’s cross, Gaia’s grove and Jupiter’s Bastion (Right click the scroll to buy). As you advance to Level 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 you are able to buy scroll near that level and do the quest. Once you have bought your 5 scroll it you need to Right click it again BUT in your BAG this time. It should look like this.

energy step 3

Final Step

Simply just do All the quest you have Gather together. (Quest must be complete by doing Nightmare mode or the hardest mode)
(There should be a Total of 5 instance you have to go to to complete the quest)

What to do with the leftover 50 energy

There are 2 worthy ways to spend your 50 energy.
1. Exchange them
2. Party instance (hardest instance in each map)

How do i exchange them?

energy exchange gianna

There is a NPC called Gianna, Energy exchange.
Once you clicked on her, there should be a option of ”Energy exchange” Once you clicked on that, there should be a random reward given to you. It could be EXP, starlucks, Growth surge ect. I recommend you doing this as many times as you want. DON’T WASTE ENERGY AS YOU CAN GET TONS OF STUFF OUT OF IT.

Party Instance!!!

Party instance is one of the importance to creating a strong weapon and armor. By doing Party instance you collect large quantity of Brilliant shards. Brilliant shards come from different maps and can be used to enchantment your Equipment.

List of Party Instance:
Command post(Level 15) shards
Seven star crossing(Level 25) shards
Abandoned plaza(level 35) shards
General’s last stand(level 45) shards
Royal mausoleum (level 55) shards

For you to go in a party instance. You need to be in a party of the minimum requirement of 1 person Excluding yourself.
Each instance will cost 4 energy each time you go in. 50 divided by 4= 12 instance done with that 50 energy. Surely you will gather a large amount of shards to enchantment your Equips. The more people you gather to do the instance the faster you finish.

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