Tactical Intervention New Player’s Tips

Tactical Intervention New Player’s Tips by Stompkiller1

New and wondering what weapon you should get? Well I suggest starting off with a M4, it’s one of the most basic assault rifles, not weak but a fairly moderate weapon that any person can handle.

Never, I mean NEVER try to aim the weapon with the best damage. Why? Well because from when I played the Joystiq Closed Beta, from Aug, M4, and AK, between those 3 weapons available in-game, AK was the strongest by far HOWEVER it had the most recoil and fairly inaccurate when shooting.

Review other people before buying guns. If you don’t agree to my statement, that’s fine. Review other people and see what they say, many people will give different reviews on what gun you should get but you’ll find a conclusion.

Don’t go on a spending spree. Yes, we know you start off with tons of money, but think about what you are going to spend it on CAREFULLY, Like I said above, go with my statement, or if you disagree, review other people about what guns you should get. It’s also a good way to make new friends.


Don’t Spray and Pray. This isn’t Call of Duty or Battlefield where you spray and hoping to kill someone with 3 shots, no, it doesn’t work that way here in this game. It’s all about how realistic if feels as if you are actually on the game.

Don’t try to shoot automatically. Shooting automatically (Like stated above, don’t spray and pray) will make your guns have TONS of recoil and it will be very hard to kill someone. try shooting burst-fire (3 shots at a time), Or couching, the biggest tip of all is STICK WITH YOUR TEAMMATES sticking with your teammates actually increases your accuracy if you didn’t notice!

Don’t rush in! Play Tactically! As many of you know this isn’t Call of Duty where you run & gun. This is more of a Tactic/Cooperative teamwork game. Crouch up the stairs slowly, watch your corners, lean sideways (With Q/E).

BE A TEAM AND HELP. Many people don’t know that are new, heal teammates, trust me this is one of the BIGGEST thing to do in Tactical Intervention. You can heal your teammates by pressing F It saves your teammates life so much! Stick with your team, it increases your accuracy believe it or not! Little by little this helps.

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