Tactical Intervention General FPS Guide

Tactical Intervention General FPS Guide by iTrippin

Hello All. My real name is Noble, but you can call me Trippy or anything revolving around iTrippin for that matter.

Introductions aside lets get down to business.

I know that most of us have played a FPS before (ex. Cod, Battlefield, and Socom)
for the newcomers this will be a go to guide.

Tunnel Vision

As in all FPS, you will usually get a rush or adrenaline when you are on a streak of kills. You will most likely develop Tunnel Vision or a one sided vision which is basically stating that you only look at the things in front of you and not to the sides or back of you and you won’t listen to your teammates intel. YOU DON’T WANT THIS.You want to be able to have a clear track/objective when playing shooters or any game for that matter. One small mistake can stir up trouble. There are many ways to use/change tunnel vision. The way I use in most of my FPS games are to back off from the area that I am in. Probability is that the opposition knows that you’re around or know your exact location. If you’re advanced in this field on knowledge and already know about Tunnel Vision, this could also help you finding enemies. Since you are on a rush/adrenaline you tend to go out into the open “guns blazing.” This could help you if you are a key player or a “slayer” This helps by letting the opposition peak out and try to flank you (I would not try this if you’re not experienced in the FPS genre.)You could also use the map and see where your allies are (I will go over this later)Tunnel Vision as you can see is a important characteristic to have and a trait that needs to be kept under control.

Field View/Knowledge

Previously mentioned in Tunnel Vision, the map. The map is your best friend, it is the bright sky to your dark day, it is the bread to your butter, use it, cherish it, sleep with it. The map is used to develop a guess on where the opposition is. Usually in most FPS when a enemy shoots the gun shot is recorded on the mini map usually in a dot. The map does not tell the exact position of the opposition until the dot is steadily the same color for a minute or so. The map can also give a estimate on where the opposition is and tells you whether your teammates are around you or in a separate part of the map. The map is the most important key to your success in FPS, intertwined with your play style it could be the most dangerous Weapon.


Weapons is the most important factor in any FPS or any shooter for that matter. It is basically what makes the game a shooter. Back on topic. There are 4-5 different types of weapons. The first one is the Assault Rifle which is basically your Ak-47, M4, M14, and all that jazz, this weapon class is usually used by people who want to peck people off from medium to close distance. The next class would be the Submachine Guns or SMGs for short. The weapons in this type of class are Ak-74u, MP5, Skorpion,UMP45,etc~ These weapons are mostly used for close quarter action and can be but not recommended for use in medium distance. After the SMGs comes the LMG which is basically the Light Machine Gun, what I find funny is the fact that it’s called Light Machine Gun but weighs more then any other weapon type. The weapons in the class are your basic heavy weapons like the M60, and such. The next and last class is the sniper. The sniper is a person who is a huge distance away making it hard for the opposition to see him while he can peck off his opponents. The weapons snipers like to use are Dragunuvs and others. While this is not a weapon type. The fact that most FPS games let the user have a knife with them by default is a huge bonus. The knife is used for close quarters and when you run out of ammo. A knife is your best friend, your bread and butter, the white on rice, use it with caution and at the right moments for it to be at its most effective point.

Player Types

There are many different play styles and to be honest you can create your own to fit your needs. There are 4 main player types and those are the Rusher, Camper, Tactical,and Sniper. The Rusher consists of people who rush into the battle field without a second thought. These people are usually the ones to die first but get the most kills. To be a rusher you need to know the right choice of weapon and side equipment. If I am rushing I would go in with a SMG since it is amazing at close range and that is the main factor you’re doing. The next player type is a Camper. These people usually stay in the same spot the entire game and wait for the prey to come, while this may make the game boring it is good way to rack up points and learn how the enemies attack methods are. The weapons I would use are Assualt Rifles, and Snipers. The third style is Tactical. While this class may be not popular by all, it is the best way to insure that you get kills without dying. The stealth involved with this is to help your team find the enemies position and figure out a way to eliminate them. The weapons of choice would be any type of weapon beside the Snipers. The last but the most helpful asset of the team would be the Sniper. Snipers are the brains of the group. They are the ones who can see a farther distance then anyone else on the team. They also can tell you when and where a enemy is coming from and going to. Tactical and Snipers work together the best out of any group combination, think of tactical like a scout and the Sniper like a finisher. The weapon of choice would be either the Assault Rifle or the Sniper Rifle.

Now that I’ve shared with you all that I know go out and play FPSs and become the best in the world.

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