Tactical Intervention Controls List

Tactical Intervention Controls List by Numerator

Legend: Shoot, Throw, hit with gun, directional keys, rappelling, kicking
*will add more, when i see them*

Shoot-Left mouse[click]
Hit-Right mouse[click](use scope)
Directions- To move up, press [W], to move down, press [S], to move left, press [A], to move right, press [D].
Rappel– [k]

In Car
W = Accelerate, S = Brake/Reverse, A = Turn Left, D = Turn Right
W = Climb, S = Descend, A = Swing Left, D = Swing Right

Kicking-(used to kick items/objects out of the way)
Switching weapons– [1]- [4] numerical keys, or mouse scroll

1 = Primary Weapon
2 = Secondary Weapon
3 = Knife
4 = Special Weapon
Not in a car/OnFoot
[Q] = Lean Left, [E] = Lean Right
In a vehicle
[Q] = Lean out Left Window, [E] = Lean out Right Window
Blind Fire
Aim Over Cover


On Foot
In Car
On Foot
In Car
[x]=Change Seat

Throw Grenade Throws
press mouse scroll button(I’m suggesting a change for laptop-users)Selected Grenade or Plants Breaching Charge
Select Grenade

[G] Changes Selected Grenade or Breaching Charge
[f2] Change Loadout


Team Key
Heal Teammate
Command Dog (Follow, Stay, Go, Attack)
[k]= voice chat. hold to use.

[enter]= chat box pops up. Press it again to get out of chat box.
[f5]=Take Screenshot

Use Key
Opens Doors
Adjust Breaching Charge Timer
Pick Up Ammo Pack
Attach/Detach Rappel Cable
Pick Up/Throw Riot Shield/Propane Tank/Fire Extinguisher
Enter/Exit Vehicle
Change Tires
Pick Up VIP Briefcase
Grab/Kick/Rescue Hostage 

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