Tactical Intervention Tips

Tactical Intervention Tips by Numerator

– Walk up to a hostage and ‘use’ them (‘F’ key) to rescue!

– Remember to reload your weapon (‘R’ key)!

– As a terrorist, grab a hostage (‘F’ key) and use them as a shield!

– Press both lean keys (‘Q’ and ‘E’ keys) to enter into blind fire mode!

– Command the dog to attack, sniff the enemy, and much more (‘T’ key)!

– Heal your teammates (‘T’ key)!

– You can rappel from certain locations (‘F’ key to attach/detach)!

– Requisition items to diversify your tactics!

– Stick with your teammates to gain accuracy!

– Some obstacles can be kicked out of your path (‘F’ key)!

– Some objects can be picked up and used (‘F’ key to pick up, left mouse button to use)!

– On fire? Try rolling (‘X’ key) to put it out!

– You can change your equipment at any time in Team Death Match (‘F2’ key)!

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