SMITE Magic Penetration and Power Analysis

SMITE Magic Penetration and Power Analysis by sparkzbarca

If your a carry and you haven’t realized how much better magic penetration is than magic power this thread is for you. Even if you know you may not know by how much and not realize what items are best.

Comparing magic resist and magic power isn’t super easy.
Basically because they scale differently, MR == 1% more hp basically against only magic attacks.
MP == some ratio of extra damage for each ability. But it varies and its not a percentage based per say. Like if you have 2k hp 100 resist is worth more than a player with 1k hp with 100 resist.
However 200 magic power adds the same amount of damage to a skill throughout the game with no way to buff it so you “get more” out of each point of magic power.

I’m going to say 1 point of MAGIC DAMAGE (not magic power, 1 point of extra damage due to magic power) equals one point of magic resist and lets be clear, thats very conservative. later I will give an example with numbers indicating how much an item with magic pen is worth in magic power and that number will be really high relative to other magic power items but it’s actually probably a conservative estimate. That’s because 1 point of magic resist will probably give alot more than 1 point of resistance (or even 4 points). But you get 1 point of extra damage for multiple skills so its not all bad.

So lets do an example to see how spear of the magus stacks up and grab anubis as a champ.

Anubis has magic power ratios of .35/.40/.45 for 3 skills with nothing on his wrap.
We’ll call that a .4 or 40% ratio.
Since were saying 1 point of magic pen == 1 point of magic resist (it does sense it removes 1 point) and 1 point of magic resist == 1 point of magic damage

4 points of magic pen = 10 points of magic power

So most people couldnt get spear of the magus rank 3 before 5 so we’ll set the player level at 5 for you and your opponent.

at rank 5 everyone has a base magic resist of 35.

Spear does require you to hit someone with abilities twice for the full affect but your anubis and every single damage skill you have dots many times so it’s trivial to occur (and basically all gods find 2 stacks stupid easy to arrive at)

now you get 35 magic penetration but wait you also get 10% + 10% magic pen.

at 35 base resist 10% is 3.5 so you go down to 31.5 and 10% of that is 3.15 so you get 6.65 pen
We’ll call it 6.5.

thats 41.5 magic pen but 4 == 10 magic power so thats
100+ magic power (40 == 100) its about 104.4 if you do the math.

Just a reminder, this is because you’d need 100 magic power to add 40 extra damage to your skills. By them not having 40 magic resist and you at lvl 5 doing true damage your skills true damage scales WAAAAY better than magic power does. If you could just true damage people they’d die crazy fast. But wait you also get 40 magic power itself off the item. thats 144.4 magic power basically. Thats basically a fully stacked doom orb without the need to farm stacks or lost on death
its two 10% resist stacks, so as resist goes up this item gets stronger. Late game against someone with 200 MR you could see nearly 40 magic pen off JUST THAT PASSIVE. at 35 MR its worth a measly 6.5 pen or like 15 magic power but later on you could surpass 40 magic pen.
Thats goes from 15 magic power equiv to like 100 magic power. This item could easily be worth over 200 magic power late game.

and not only that but boots (with 15 magic pen or basically 38 magic power plus the 50 off the boots) and obsidian shard (with 33% pen) are like the 3 cheapest magic power items in the game.

Basically if you check your champ and the magic power ratios. As the ratios get higher, magic power becomes more valuable, as it gets lower magic pen does. This is actually why HEBO does such crazy damage so easy. People build him magic power like they do most gods but for him it works. His ratios are crazy high.

so if you breath on someone with anubis breath you could do (assuming 40ish magic resist which basically goes down to 0 at rank 3 spear). With 40 magic power.

you do 396 damage (rank 2 breath assumed for a lvl 5) off 1 skill.
if you had instead started doom orb
you’d have next to no stack atm and against 40ish magic resist do
(396 cause you still get 40 magic power * .7 for 40 MR)
277 damage
once your doom orb gets full stacks against 40 magic resist
((50 + (.4 * 140)) * .7)
445 damage
You will of course lose out on 240 points of damage the moment you die. Also as magic resist increases you’ll be worse.

now lets go late game. Rank 5 breath, 212 magic resist
you’d do 290 damage with doom orb fully stacked ( 986 * .32ish to account for resist)
you’d basically get 40 pen from the two 10% passives for spear plus 35 off the straight negate so
212 – 75 = 137 MR so (666 * .42) or
281 damage
your now nearly equal to a fully stacked doom orb. (within 10 points of damage equal)

Your early game (because its 250 gold difference between doom orb and spear so you basically would by both at the same time)
is WAAY better because you’ll do 400 damage when there doing 277 at start. And thats with 1 skill Grasping hands will have alot shaved off it as well.

So this is what pen can do for you.
Lets not forget that spear passive (the -20 + -10% -10% ) is an affect on the enemy champ.
That means that 60 MR negate your getting off a 212 MR char is 60MR reduction for all atacks against him by other magic gods.

So that means if you can convince your lane partner to get voidstone and they are a guan yu or ares or bacchus for example you could end up with lvl 5 doing true damage to someone with like 70 MR. Even a lvl 5 sobek with 1k hp will sit down when your hitting for 400 damage off your one skill.

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