SMITE Odin Guide

SMITE Odin Guide by DJpasha


Welcome to Odin SMITE guide let’s just get to it,
Odin is a great tank-ganker God. He can lock up enemy gods in teamfights, and he can make very good ganks.

Pros / Cons

Before i go into detail about my build, lets go over some of odin’s pros and cons

naturally tanky
has a leap and a slow
very strong early game

no strong cc
only 2 damaging abilities
many champs can escape his ult


lets go over odin’s skills real quick.

Lunge. KEY 1
lunge does a good amount of damage and scales with % of your damage. i level this second after gungnirs might.

Odin’s Shout. KEY 2
odins shout gives a attack speed increase. i level it at three so i can have the buff and use it to say, help my minions take a tower, but max it last.

Gungnirs Might. KEY 3
gungirs might does aoe damage, slows and scales % from damage. while it does less flat damage than leap, it gives free armor AND health regen, which will help stay in lane longer, and get more gold, ect. i max this ability first.

Ring of Spears. KEY 4
odin summons an impassible ring of spears around him, and gives him immunity and buffs while inside. this spell makes you hit much harder and take more damage while inside. this can let you win fights you would other wise die from. you can also jump out of it so you can use it to trap enemies who don’t have a leap and let your team take care of the rest. it can also cut off pursuing enemies in the jungle. its a very useful ult.



your first item is Hand of The gods. Always. In all honesty everyone should buy it to secure buffs since they are very powerful in this game.

my second item is Warrior Tabi. i pick warrior tabi over heartseeker because i prefer the slight movement speed over the slight damage.


The first item i completly buy is Heartseeker. it gives 85 total damage at max stats and gives movement speed as well. with your 1/3 combo you should be farming well and stacks should be no problem. after that, i buy lvl 2 boots. this will put you faster than anyone with just lvl 3 boots as long as they have no bonus movement speed items. finally i buy Frostbound hammer for the slow and healh, and then finish my boots. these three items are in any of my games, allways. the next three items can vary.


evourers gloves
this item gives a total of 50 damage and 20% lifesteal. it gives you sustainability and damage and is just a great item to buy.

Qin’s blades

I usually buy this item because it gives you more health as well as damage and extra procable damage. it still makes you somewhat tanky but keeps you a threat as well.

Witch stone

i buy this item if ad damage is an issue. it gives armor, health and an ad debuff, but still gives you some physical damage.


Stone of gaia

i buy this item next if they have some scary ap damage. it gives great magic protection as well as regen.


i only buy this if im unkillable and i just want more damage. ^^

if you need more armor, pick this item up. it gives armor and damage as well as a debuff.

Titans bane and the executioner

if the enemy is stacking hard armor, your going to need armor pen. pick one of these (i prefer the exoctuioner since it give attack speed and 60% pen after 3 hits.) youll have to sacrifice some defence, however, and remember youll usually be in the front of fights.


since were in the item section, lets talk about those other 2 ability slots.

purification beads
this item is almost allways a must buy from the sheer amount of cc in the game. it can mean the difference of life an death or a kill and…not a kill. you should really buy it.

aegis amulet
this item can be used to bait out many of your enemies skills. trap some enemies in your ring and when all the ults come flying at you, just sleep right through them.

of course, you dont have to buy abilites. i wont stop you.

p.s. don’t forget about those damage pots if you have some cash lying around lategame. ^^



i feel like odin can be played in either left or right lane. just make sure you go with someone who can cast abilites in your ult or has a jump of some sort.
go with people like:
ahnur ahnur.
he has a leap and can stun enemies with your ring

he can leap into your ring

she can shoot her rain of arrows in your ring and her boar passes through it

he can shoot his ult into yours

sun wukong
he can jump and his ult

has a leap

he has his teleport and his ult

any mage except hel. they can shoot somthing into your ult;hel cant.
ymir is also nice if you can get him in your ult.

take whatever buff is in your jungle, or if your feeling confident, the opposite jungle. your passive gives you twice as much sight so look at the map and use it to your advantage. have your partner come help and have them leech xp. this will put you at lvl 2 before the other team in lane. just remember most people dont just give up buffs, so be careful. its better to live then to get the buff and die 2 seconds later.

in lane, use your leap and sweep to farm creep waves and damage the enemy. most people dont know how to react to aggression so keep the pressure on. aim for the enemy with no escape so they are easier to kill later. remember, early game most tanks are usually still squishy. if you can get the mana buff thats great, other wise be a little conservative with your spells. once you hit level 5, your engagements should go something like this:

leap onto the enemy with no jump or dash
pop your ult
sweep with your 3 (enemies will run in circles so this will make them easier to hit)
hit them
get a kill

usually your teammate will see this happen so if you went with someone who can cast spells into your ring or jump into it, they will do so. otherwise your probably on your own with the kill.

your 3 gives you a passive regen. its pretty legit so if you dont need to back for health, dont. i usually try to stay till i can insta buy heartseeker and start building stacks right away.

you will get decently tanky, so if, lets say art is defending a tower by yourself and bakasura is in the jungle next to you, dont be afraid to trap art and have baka help take her down fast.

also, the god in mid usually doesnt have an escape, sooooo if no ones around to see dont be shy to say hello ^^


once groups start bunching up, its your turn to do so as well. when your in your team group. you should be either 1st in or 2nd in. your job is to jump on the carries( artemis,ra,ect) and trap them in your ult as well as any other enemies. the less your team is hit the better. this also lets them pop what abilites they can into your ult. it should take care of most of the enemy team if everyone is paying attention. MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS PAYING ATTENTION AND LET THEM KNOW YOU PLAN TO GO IN. otherwise you just look like a fool jumping in and dying.
also. those buffs are just going to sit there if no one takes them. if your by one, dont be shy to grab it. also teams will be wanting that fire giant. you can boost your teams attack speed and get it fast as well as seal off the entrance if an enemy comes. when you are pushing you can speed boost minions to take structures down fast. you should be able to win most games this way. just remember,YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE SO DON’T BE STUPID. DON’T CHASE TO THE ENEMIES POOL AND DIE. as long as you don’t do that, you should be fine.


Odin is a tanky dps. be aggressive early to beat the enemy lane early. 1+3 is the combo. trap the people who cant escape. don’t be afraid to ult to secure a kill or save a team mate; it’l come back up soon enough. the more you trap the better, just make sure to trap the ones you can kill. your 2 can help push lanes fast. make sure everyone is ready for your ult. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.
have fun.

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