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SMITE Ranked Guide by SmiteRankedPlayer

HALLO, i play a lot of ranked, i’m on a 13 game winstreak, and i feel like players who just hit level 30 are entering ranked with no clue what there doing, so i want to make a nifty guide for each lane and whatnot.

First off, before you even start ranked you should master a lot of gods. So if you are level 20 as you read this you should start now. You want to get as many gods as you can to level 30. I’m going to create a list of gods you should probably mastered, but as a general number you should have at least 25.

List of Gods: I know some people don’t think it is realistic to master this many gods (it is!!!!), I put ** on the MUST haves whether they are op or just very common or they fill many roles.

Now a general statement about items.

  1. There is no reason to ever buy guard boots.
  2. There is no reason to ever buy meditation EXCEPT on chang’e (still don’t recommend) or aphrodite (still don’t recommend). I guess it’s ok on hercules, (makes u impossible to kill).
  3. I know Asi is extremely popular in low level play, but there is only a select few reasons you should ever buy it. a. You are playing nemesis. b. you are playing kali. c. you know you are going to win so you want to have insane lifesteal for fun.

Other than these reasons, bloodforge is much better then asi. Also you should only build lifesteal on assassins. Except for devo’s gloves, which should be core on every adc.

Also a statement about loki: don’t build him like other assassins with like max crit and executioner and shit. Build max pen and cooldown reduction, maybe qin sais and deathbringer. Definitely don’t build hastened fatalis. OYAH. Hastened fatalis. This is another item you see a lot in low level play. This item should only be used on the following gods: Bakasura, Vamana, Freya, Kali, and if you insist, AMC and Mercury. If you build hastened fatalis on chronos i will cry.


I’ll start with solo, because it’s my main i guess. First off basics. The lane with the towers closest together is the solo lane.

If your lane is on right side: You will start at right mid camps, try to get xp from your jungler killing red, and then do blue buff and head to lane.

Left Side: Start at speed with your jungler and then do blue.


Ok now lets go to build. If you are a mage, you should definitely be stacking. Also never buy doom orb. You should be stacking either Book of Thoth or Warlock sash. Essentially if ur a bruiser mage like zhong kui/ra/vulcan you should build Warlock Sash. Gods like hebo can build either. Also, there is no mages that need HoG. It’s completely unnecessary.

Your first items will normally consist a mix of vampiric shroud / First Level of Bancrofts / First level of boots / First level of your stacking item / wards and health pots.

Any mix of these is good, as long as you get your stacking item before like 15 minutes you should be fine.

As a bruiser in solo lane: The only stacking item good on bruisers in solo lane is Ancile, and even then that item isn’t amazing and is only good vs mages, and personally I think that rushing Stone of Gaia serves you better. But if you are bruiser vs bruiser your early item will vary much more. It will normally be either mystic mail, rune forge hammer, or aggressive jotunns. Also, vs either of the solo lanes, if you are going for a very aggressive early start, you can start with heavy hammer and hog 1.

Actives: Hog is common on bruisers, because in general they lack clear compared to mages, but if you are vs a bruiser or you are chaac hog isn’t always necessary.

Laning: If you are a mage just focus on hitting the wave and the enemy with your abilities when possible. If you are a bruiser, vs a mage with good clear, clear the wave and gtfo, you don’t want to take any unnecessary poke. Once you have finished your stone of gaia or ancile you will be able to soak up much more hits and be able to regenerate much faster, allowing you to be more agressive. Brusier vs bruiser… All I can really say is don’t box if you think you will take to much damage. If the enemy has mystic mark, and you don’t, don’t fight. If the enemy has heals and you don’t, don’t fight. But if you are chaac or hercules, you can get away with being over aggressive, especially chaac with that insane heals, insane ultimate and passive.

Rotations: Don’t over rotate. It ruins your lane. My recommendation is to ward offensively, ward by their blue and the path from their lane to mid, so you know if they are rotating or clearing jungles. If the enemy gets to far of a lead on you when rotating, and you think you won’t even get there in time, DON’T ROTATE. Take the tower. Nothing is worse than arriving late to a team fight only to be caught out 1v5. Just go for the tower. However if you think you can make it there in time AND make an actual difference in the fight then go ahead. Also, what I have been talking about is only addressing what to when your enemy laner rotates. When should YOU rotate. The only times you should be rotating is just after you have cleared the wave, and the battle that is going on is on your half of the map, you don’t want to be doing cross country shit and wasting time. If you are winning your lane you can go to the mid camps on your half of the map whenever they are up. Also if you plan or rotating a lot, focus the tower. I know that doesn’t really make sense, but if you destroy that tier one tower, if opens up SO much space to rotate and get assists/kills/gf.

Warding: Keep a ward on the main paths to the 3 entry points your lane and a ward on the enemies blue buff.

Top Solo Laners: Aphrodite, Bakasura, Chaac, Hebo, Hercules, Janus, Loki, Nu Wa, Ra, Vamana, Zhong Kui.

That’s all for solo lane! I think this post might be too long >:(

Also, regarding TP to wards/towers. I would only buy on chronos and nu wa. For Ratting. No reason to have it other than those reasons or you’ll just be wasting an active.


Jungle – my second favorite role.

Build: there is only two starting jungle builds, unless you are playing thanatos/osiris.

  1. Bumbas + hog 1 + boots 1 + 2 potions.
  2. Bumbas + hog 2 + 2 potions.

Both are effective. If you are playing someone who’s clear isn’t too great early on like nemesis or loki i would recomend 2. If you are playing someone with good jungle clear, both work. Hog 2 allows you to clear faster in general, also opens up more opportunity for invasion, so it’s entirely up to you.

Thanatos: You can either replace bumbas with deaths toll or go for invasion build which is hog + heavy hammer.


Early Route: Solo is on right – do red (wait for soloer to be in xp range before you kill) do blue, enter lane.

Solo is on left: Do speed then blue.

Afterwords (for both) chill in lane a bit.

When to leave lane? good question. It depends. If you are in right lane, it doesn’t really matter, just be at least level 3. From there you can either go for early gank on mid or just clear out your small camps and speed.

In left lane: When your solo lane is in left, it makes it very easy to steal the enemy junglers speed, you can even gank mid on the way there, but note: you need to be communicating with you solo laner, you need to know exactly when the enemy jungler leaves his solo lane, because he is going to be heading to speed. So if you have hog and a leap, you should be fine. If you don’t have hog and or a leap, you should probably get your support to help you from right lane or your mid, because it’s very risky.

Warding: Warding for junglers is essentially the same as supports. Just grab a tiny ward every other back and place them and key points of intersection and gold fury/fire giant. Also, if you are loosing, ward your jungle. If you are winning, ward the enemies jungle. this is an amazing flowchart made buy /u/dueler94 which pretty much sums up jungling.

Top Junglers: Mercury, Loki, Freya, Hun Batz, Thor and arguably Osiris.


Mid: Finally a role that is a bit simpler.

Ok. Here are a few key things to know about midding.

  1. Be at every mid camp possible, they are so important, and you being there can easily lead to kills on an enemy trying to solo them.
  2. Call mia, i don’t understand why this is so hard for some people, don’t assume that the enemy backed, don’t assume that they are going to get red and not rotating. Call mia on everything, make sure your allies are preparing for the worst. If you them leave lane, mirror there foot steps on your side of the jungle so you can counter gank the lane the enemy mid is about to collapse on.
  3. Ward! Warding is so key with mids, because it is a 10 second walk max to any place on the entire map (smite has a pretty small map :D).

Also, make sure you are communicating with your solo laners early on, to prevent the level 3 gank from the enemy jungler coming from the solo lane. , Rotation is the mid’s biggest role, everytime you see an ally engaging in something particularly risky, be there to back him up.

Build: The mid build is similar to solo mages if you are planning to stack. If not, the build will almost always be this: first level of bancrofts + shoes, or vampiric shroud.

Top Mids: Agni, Ao Kuang, Zhong Kui, Ra, Hebo (better as solo laner, but can mid), Isis, Janus, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Ra, Scylla, vulcan is a decent pick.

Almost every mage is viable mid, IMO it is the most balanced class.



This role is very important, and it is also the role i see do bad the most.

The biggest part of support is early game, keeping carry alive, coming to mid camps and helping across the map.

Build: The build varies slightly, but EVERY support (except heavy hammer starts) should start with watchers gift, hog 1 and at least 1 ward. From there, you can either start another active, start boots, or buy 2 mini wards and maxed out multi potions.

The ward(s) you start with should either be at the enemies blue buff and the path from the enemies mid camps to the blue buff, or the enemies blue buff and the enemies red buff.

Where to go level 1:

If long lane is on left side of map: Simply do blue buff then head to lane. This side gives you the advantage in the lane because you are the first to attack the creep wave.

Right side: ADC and Mid will be doing the right mid camps, but you should start at blue buff, use your hog and get it to 1 health left, BUT DO NOT KILL ITTTTTT. Make sure you adc is in xp range, to be safe or to just give him that much more gold, let him get the last hit. The only advantage this side of the lane has over starting on the left is the fact that the adc gets a tiny bit more gold.

Rotating: You don’t have to worry as much about leaving your lane, because you have an adc to defend it. So if the enemy support isn’t in lane, you should NOT be in lane. Constantly be on the move. The only time you should be in lane farming with your adc is when

  1. The map has a good amount of wards covering key points.
  2. Mid camps aren’t up for awhile
  3. The enemy support is also in lane.

This is the reason midas boots are recommended, because without them you would be extremely behind in gold.

Warding: Personally, i think you should always have a sentry on the gold fury by 10 minutes. and 2 mini wards in key points of intersection. The rest of your team can do the rest of the warding.

Also regarding gold fury. HoG III should be completed by 10 minutes, and if you are playing geb or ymir, you should have blink by 15 minutes.

Build: The support build is pretty diverse. But there are two key items. Boots and sovereignty.

Your boots should either be cooldown reduction boots or midas boots. No exemptions. Guard Boots are terrible picks, there are no tanks in smite who struggle with tankiness. Midas boots are generally the better pick, but if you want extra damage on ymir or ares, cooldown boots aren’t a terrible pickup. Sov should almost always be second item. The rest of your build should consist of defenses specifically for whoever on the enemies team is dealing the most damage. Also magis blessing is a must have.

Top Supports: Athena and geb are ban worthy. Behind that are Ymir, Hercules and Kumbakharna. The last two are more of counter picks. Ares is good vs geb, because his main cc’s can’t just be cleansed, and sobek is amazing in laning phase, but is useless vs geb and his teamfight isn’t that great,

Also to note: “Healers” like hel, ra and chang’e should never be played as a support. The only except is aphrodite, and she should only be picked if you have heavy cc on your team or an adc with bad clear. Even then it’s not a good pickup.

Also, you are the initiator of fights, if you see an opportunity to hit 3 people+ with your main cc, go for it. You can’t wait for an ally to die trying to initiate.

How to use hog: When the fg/gf health bar reaches yellow, use hog.


Finally, adc.

ADC is very simple. You just need to farm your lane. You should rush devo’s gloves and your actives should almost always consist of either sprint and beads, or aegis and beads.

Don’t buy asi on adcs, devo’s gloves provides all of the lifesteal needed for an adc.

The most common build should be: Devo’s gloves,Warrior Tabi, executioner, rage, deathbringer, and titans bane. In that order. However with the new Odysseus bow item coming out this is subject to change.


Thank you for reading this, if u have more questions go ahead and ask them.

i really hope this wasn’t too long.

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