Restaurant Story Gifting and Tipping Best Practices

Restaurant Story Gifting and Tipping Best Practices by redgirl220

Hi everyone! My name is Bee. I recently started a few best practices when it comes to gifting and tipping. I know that not every neighbor is a good fit for this, but it is my hope that I can acquire a neighbor list that mirrors what I’ve started to do.

Before accepting or declining a gift, I go to my neighbor’s restaurant, TIP them and then take a look around. If they have an unfinished, constructible appliance or item on their floor, I check their wall to see if they have a particular preference and them gift accordingly. If they don’t have an unfinished appliance, I visit their Wall to see if they have a gift preference. If they do, I gift them that item. If they don’t, I gift them a part that can be used on several current appliances. It is usually a part for the Easy Oven, Easy Stove and Easy Grill. My “go to” parts are Gear and Paint. If a player is fairly new and haven’t accumulated a lot of appliances, I may gift other parts to other appliances that are still in circulation.

Double Gifting
When I receive a gift request, I take note of what my neighbor wants before visiting their restaurant. When I get to their restaurant, I TIP them first. The second step is gifting. I either gift them what they requested on the Materials Request OR I gift them an accompanying part for that appliance/item OR for another constructible appliance/item they may have on their floor.

I then return to the Materials Request and hit Accept. This way, I’ve gifted them twice and tipped them.

I always return tips from neighbors and community members if I see it on my News Feed or they posted on my Wall.

Declining Food Gifts
I decline EVERY food gift. I may also decline a part that I don’t need. If I receive a food gift, I follow my usual gifting best practice. In addition to that, I write a very nice note on my neighbor’s wall like this: “Hi! I really appreciate your gifts, but please send parts instead of food. Thanks!”

If I receive another food gift from that neighbor, I delete them. While I appreciate gifters and don’t actually like deleting them, I’ve had to do this in recent days. Because we can only receive 20 direct gifts, I’d like those slots to be for things I actually need. If I can’t get to my game to clear out these unwanted gifts, I may miss out on a part gift from another neighbor. I’ve had this happen enough times to finally take action.

Gifting All Neighbors
After I’ve maxed out on receiving my 20 direct gifts, I go to my Neighbor List and send a general gift to everyone on my list. Again, this is either a part for a new appliance or one of the “go to” parts.

Tipping All Neighbors
It is very time consuming to tip every table of 200 or more neighbors. This is especially true since most of them are at 0 stars. LoL So…at the end of every other day, I go through my Neighbor List and tip those that have at least 1 star.

Writing on My Neighbor’s Walls
I don’t typically leave a message on my neighbor’s walls to let them know that I stopped by. I only use this to communicate a specific message, return the favor of a very nice post on my wall or if we happen to strike up a conversation.

Writing on My Wall
If I have a gift preference, I may write it on my wall for inquiring neighbors.

If you are interested in a neighbor like me, my Storm8ID is RedGirl220. I use the same best practices on Bakery Story…and on Nightclub Story as it applies. Have a great day! Ciao!

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