RaiderZ Sorcerer Fire PvP/PvE Build Guide

RaiderZ Sorcerer Fire PvP/PvE Build Guide by vicodincanada

This is mainly thoughts on Sorc builds .till we either get another skill reset book or I have time to level another sorc > thoughts/contributions always welcome especially to clear up some of my own questions!

Note that I.m writing this mainly from the playing a Flame>based Sorc (never played alpha) so I can.t comment too much on the Ice tree and anything I do say could be completely wrong. In addition, I hit 30 some time ago so I can.t pvp on Mt. Eda anymore to do further testing (well, at 29 it restricts you).

Good guides to read before anything:

From kehado, Korean Skill Simulator

First off, the Sorc skill tree:

>Skill Breakdown

>Flame Arrow (recommend 1 pt for Burning Meteor):


With a cast time of 1s for a 150%matk + ~10%dmg/s for 4s (at max lvl) never found this useful for pvp. With the short range, the cast time is far too long as a useful dps. You.d get more dps just beating them with your staff. In addition, if the other player can.t dodge/block(defender) the skill then fighting complete noobs anyways. I have used it occasionally to shoot at running players if my Flame Orb is on cooldown.


Used it initially as a low level sorc, but the skill really isn.t worth levelling. The cast time is short enough to cast while dodging most mobs, but again your normal melee atk will give you better dps > especially in group dungeons.

>Flame Orb (recommend 1 pt):


The cast time is LONG, this should be a skill you cast only after a knockdown effect (such as immediately after landing a Burning Meteor) > even so, there.s a very high risk of getting interrupted. The skill is mainly useful for group pvp to tag running players or supporting teammates that have a player distracted. It is nice that the skill in unblockable (unless under Bastion, ofc).


Not bad for the knockdown effect, but for dps the cast time is far too long. As with Flame Arrow, it.s better to just whack the mob with your staff.

>Flaming Meteor (I.m not on how many pts to allocate for this):


With a cast time of 0.75s and high dmg + knockdown effect, the skill isn.t bad for PvP. The real problem is that it.s very easy to predict; it has a similar casting animation/time to Flame Arrow which causes players to either try and interrupt or dodge > in either case this can cause it to be problematic to land. Preferably, you want to cast this after landing Rapid Blasts + Flame Impact.

>Rapid Blasts + Flame Impact (recommend maxing both):


At max lvl Rapid Blasts deals 2 hits for 120%matk and Flame Impact deals 378%matk. The skills are designed to be chained together (you can also add Piller of Fire). Flame Impact can only be cast after Rapid Blasts. These 2 skills I probably use the most; you get high dmg and instant cast, but a short range and rather long 12s cooldown (at max lvl). The skill seems to give a knockdown effect as well.


For the high dmg, this skill was pretty useful for pve. The only little heads up was that you had to be careful of bosses as you won.t interrupt them and you.ll be under a slight animation lockout afterwards. Just keep an eye out (particularly if you use Pillar of Fire with the combo) and cut the skill chain short if you really need to.

>Pillar of Fire:


I.m not a big fan of this skill because of the small aoe + the fact that it.s a point damage over time. Because you can chain after Rapid Blasts + Flame Impact (Skill Follow Through), you can often land 1 tic; however, if you knockdown with Flame Impact and follow with a Pillar you.ll often not have time to land Flaming Meteor which deals significantly more damage.


The dmg is actually pretty decent for PvE just because things stay in one spot.



Not useful, you.ll always have enough mana.


You could consider putting a pt into this skill as it.ll ease you Clerics burden in resupplying you with mana in dungeons. There are also times where you might run out of mana during dungeons even with pots/cleric, so if you want to keep casting you could pt a point into this. Personally, I rather beat mobs with my staff .till my mana regens.

>Ice Thorns:

I’m considering using this skill for an addition instant cast dmg skill if we ever get a reset book.

>Ice Barrier:

Must say that found this hilariously ineffective when someone casts it in pvp on Mt. Eda.


I.m not actually a big fan of this skill > it seems useful at first, but I find it to have 2 major drawbacks: 1. It.s trivial to dodge, within the 2 seconds frozen it.ll be impossible not to dodge the freezing effect afterwards. It does seem like you could use it to /interrupt/ getting a beat down, but that.s where the second drawback kicks in > the animation lock>out. Effectively, in the time after dodging the freezing effect and you regaining control of your character, the other player can move in the land a melee hit on you.


It.s not bad to temporary freeze mobs in place so your party can land hits on them (I.m looking at you Epic Garden), but again the animation lockout/connection time is problematic. If the mobs are attacking you specifically, going to land hits before you can dodge them.

>Random thoughts on future builds:
As reference, this is my current build:
#on a side note if anyone was wondering, I have 1 pt in heal and 1 pt in Rush (for messing around)

What I.m thinking is to bring Flame Arrow and Flame Orb down to level 1 and Pillar to Fire to 0. Instead , I would allocate points to Ice Arrow(1pt)/Ice Orb(1pt)/Ice Thorns(w/e is left) > this is under the assumption Ice Orb actually freezes (read it didn.t in Alpha, would need someone to confirm). The idea would be to build the character to melee pvp with Rapid Blasts+Flame Impact and Ice Thorns for dps and Ice Arrow is other player backs off.

So instead of a skill chain such as Rapid Blasts>Flame Impact>Meteor Strike>Flame Orb you.d have a chain like Rapid Blasts>Flame Impact>Meteor Strike>Flame Orb>Ice Orb with Ice Arrow on the side.

I.d also consider dropping Magic Mastery/Intricacy entirely in favour of adding more pts to skills as I.m not convinced their worth the skill points. This is especially the case as some skills increase %matk dramatically with pt allocation.

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