RaiderZ Sorcerer PvP Build Advice

RaiderZ Sorcerer PvP Build Advice by gogodr

I found that there are basically 2 good builds for PVP mages.

-Fire Mage
-Fire/Ice Mage

Fire Mage:

A fire mage will be a mage with slow casts but powerful attacks since you get that extra points that matter on your final skills instead of having to mix skills. This one requires a more experienced player to play since you will basically need to know how to lure and predict opponent movements when fighting.

Example: During alpha (when the cooldowns were a lot longer): I used a combination of luring my oponent into my meteorite and then rushing in chaining with the fire tower and then the 2 close quarters skills before dodging back and to a side. 2 of those and it is basically KO for your opponent

This this character you will find yourself running in circles a lot and casting many flame arrows at your oponent. If your oponent doesn’t really know how to deal with mages and decides to use a shield trying to defend you can always use your shield breaking skill.
This build haves a damage per hit mindset which means that your set should be focused in raising your intelligence more than anything.

When playing this mage you need to know your game and know how to dodge almost every single hit you can. If you are raiding and a boss pretty much kills you on 3 hits that is ok. You are focusing on extreme damage and no defense. your defense will be dodging since in this game dodging avoids all damage and it is your best ally. you have to use dodge to trick close quarters opponents into attacking and then using all your powers on they.

Fire/Ice Mage:

The main advantage of mixing powers is the passive skill that once you get the 2 elements combined it gives you a casting speed boost. This skill makes the attacks extremely fast in comparison to normal casting speeds, but the downside is that because you had to mix skills you get to use less points for upgrading your final skills giving you a big disadvantage in the damage area.

How this build works is to make your damage out with fire skills and get defensive skills with the ice skills. That way when you start your duel you get your casting speed buff on the countdown and are ready to spam with constant attacks. Like I said there will be a big disadvantage in damage per hit, but it is all compensated in hits per second. This build should be used with a critical mindset since you will be hitting many more times and there will be a greater chance of hitting with a critical.

For both: On Beta there was a huge nerf on Mana for mages. You will often see yourself run out of mana and since there is a lack of mana pots you wont be able to recover other than running in circles.

Personal thoughts: I’m all in for a fire mage since I’m very good at dodging and luring into my attacks. I also like doing huge amounts of damage instead of little damage quickly

Btw this is how the mage was affected from alpha to beta:
Cooldowns of most skills reduced to half or less.
MP broken, cooldowns were reduced and MP was reduced too. That doesn’t make sense, if anything, MP should have stayed the same ,but now mages frequently run out of MP during raids and there is a lack of MP pots so it is awful. I don’t know what they were thinking but because of this you need 2 sets. one for raiding and going PVE which haves many energy jewels so you don’t run out of MP during raids and another one for PVP with real combat stats.

Please leave feedback and comments. I hope at least someone finds this useful.

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