RaiderZ Paladin (Defender/Cleric) Builds Guide

RaiderZ Paladin (Defender/Cleric) Builds Guide by stoicraider

Hello, my name is Stoic, and I play a Defender. I’ve seen several Paladin builds out there, but they all seem weak. I wanted to really make Paladins worth playing, and after testing, I realize that Paladins have a very high skill cap, but can be extremely helpful.

Paladins might not heal as much as Clerics, and don’t have the defensive ability of a Defender, but they can take from both places and combine to form the ultimate killing machine… Not really, but it is a better class than the average Cleric in PvP, and you can even play both tank and heals in PvE.


Benefits: You can be both the tank and the healer, allowing you to pick up another DPS.

Drawbacks: You do no damage, and heal less than a normal Cleric.

Weapons: Mace/Shield, Staff Offhand

Armor: Chain with Int, Plate otherwise.

Gems: Int or Health
23 Defender/12 Cleric: Tank/Healer PvE Only

Priority System:
1) Keep your group alive with heals.
2) Keep the boss taunted with Stunning Smash->Shield Slam, and do not forget to block.
3) Keep Piercing Strike on the boss.
4) Use Rush or Block to keep up Counterattack, which boosts healing and damage.
5) Use Encouraging Shout and Focused Strike often to keep your mana up.

Why it is viable:
By filling 2 roles, your group can pick up an extra DPS, and this will increase your average damage over the normal group. Unfortunately, this hybrid is very hard to play because you must heal your group from melee range and also keep aggro with the boss. If you cannot play both tank and healer correctly, then your group might not benefit from the extra DPS at all. Fortunately, if your group is good (meaning they minimize damage to themselves), then playing this hybrid is very easy.


Benefits: Heals with stuns! Can be more effective than the normal Cleric in PvP.

Drawbacks: You do not heal as much as normal Clerics, and you do not have as many stuns as normal Defenders. You also deal low damage. You cannot tank with this build in PvE.

Weapons: Mace/Shield, Staff Offhand

Armor: Chain with Int, otherwise Plate vs Melee. Cloth vs Caster.

Gems: Int, Health, Charm/M Defense, or P Defense.
17 Defender/18 Cleric: Healer PvP & PvE

Priority System:
1) Do not Die; Run around; Stun stuff; Heal Stuff.
2) If they get into melee range, Bastion->Block->Rush->Stunning Smash->Rapid Assault->Massive Strike->Healing Strike->Focused Strike->Divine Punishment->Stunning Smash->Rapid Assault->Chaotic Strike->Piercing Strike
3) At 50-60% mana, use your 24% mana cooldown
4) At range, use your ranged Cleric spells.

Why it is viable:
Clerics have no escape skill, and have only one hard stun. This build provides stuns, and also a way to defend against Berserkers. This build should yield a better result than the normal Cleric build in PvP.

Other builds involving 5 Defender/30 Cleric are also viable because the Counterattack focus will increase a Clerics healing by almost 10%. The defender part of the build would be 1/5 Strike of Ruin, 1/5 Stunning Smash, 1/3 Rush, and 2/5 One-Handed Mastery

Thanks everyone for reading!

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