RaiderZ Dodge and Block Mechanics Guide

RaiderZ Dodge and Block Mechanics Guide by stygandr

I play a Defender style in game, and have noticed a few things about dodging and blocking.

You can block almost any attack, even the specials.
Multiple hit attacks (Thorn Hodger rush) sometimes they still get the 2nd etc hit in, even on a successful block.
Block sometimes only blocks most of the damage, this is a partial block.
Defenders can improve their block chance. (2nd passive down).
Defenders open skills on successful blocks / block skills (like the 1st shield rush skill).
I think aoe attacks can also be blocked, haven’t done much testing of that yet.
It seemed easier to block lower level mobs, but that may just be perception.

Any class can dodge with no bonus or penalty.
Dodge will always be either evade all damage, or take all damage.
You have to get far enough away before the attack starts or you still take the damage.
If you are interrupted while dodging, it automatically fails.
Some skills allow you to dodge attacks while performing them (Defender skill where the next skill auto crits).

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