PlanetSide 2 Basic Tips

PlanetSide 2 Basic Tips by Metallideth and RadarX

/l = local chat (enemy can hear)
/y = yell across multiple hexes (enemy can hear)
/re = region talk (only empire within region can hear)
/s = squad chat
/p = platoon chat
/o = outfit chat

  • Shooting teammates is frowned upon, too much team damage (grief points) and your weapons will lock leaving you useless for some time. Please play nice with your empire for everyone’s sake.
  • Medics, Heavy Assaults, Max’s, have special abilities that can be used with the F key
  • Light Assaults can fly using the space bar
  • Pressing Insert will auto join you to a random squad
  • Pressing G tosses a grenade, this can be your friend or the bane of your team, use with caution.
  • Pressing P will take you to the squad menu where you can select a squad to join
  • To leave a squad press P and find your name click the red arrow to the right of your name to leave
  • Pressing M for map you can select Deploy to hot drop onto that location. Use with care, as of this post there is a 15 minute wait time before you can use again.
  • Pressing H will enlarge your mini map, very useful when flying/driving a vehicle
  • Pressing L will turn off/on headlights/lights. Please don’t give away your empire’s position, rockets seem to be attracted to them :p
  • Bases that you can’t seem to get in because shields are in the way usually have another point of access via teleporters, jump pads (think quake 3 etc..), beam lifts (or whatever SOE is calling them), or simply hopping over the shield at tech plants via Light Assault.
  • Note generators can be taken down and drop shields* around the exterior and interior walls. To destroy one, stand next to one and hold E until it completes the circle. To stabilize one, get to it while it is blinking and making a warning sound and hold E until it completes the circle. **may also disable other objects in game in the future
  • SCU (Spawn Control Unit) when destroyed players can no longer spawn at that base. Destroyed same way as generators.
  • Generators & SCU’s can be repaired by engineers (they take a while so cover them)

More Tips

1. Press B to deploy your Sunderer after you buy the upgrade with certs. You must not be within 200 meters of another deployed Sunderer.

2. Capturing bases require you to capture the points. Example A, B, C Cap them in any order and hold them to change the “tug of war” bar. The more influence (surrounding hexes of your empire color around that base) that you have of that base, combined with your control of the points, causes the “Tug of War” bar to decrease from the enemy and then fill up with your empire color.

Note that when you are at the control points (capture points) there is a number below the control point bar. This is the amount of people required to stand there to max out the “Tug of War” gain from that point.

Once the “Tug of War” bar fills up with your empire color you will have captured that territory. Anyone on your empire near the base will get XP and cert points when it is captured.

3. Continent Switching

Two way’s it can be done:

Inside the WarpGate room are a couple of terminals at the back near the spawn tubes. The can be used ( E key ) to allow transport between continents

Press M to open the Map
At the top left hand side are 3 little icons that depict the continents
Clicking one opens up that continents map ( population, land ownership etc )
Click on any available Deploy button will instantly transport you to that location regardless of which continent you currently reside.

Much easier and removes the need to return to the WarpGate

Infantry Tips

1. Look both ways before crossing the road. I’m sure you learned this as a kid, but for some reason we can’t get anyone to volunteer as a crossing guard at the Warpgates. Actually, this is good advice even off road. Be careful crossing any kind of terrain, especially if you can hear motors revving. Almost nobody wants to run you over if you jump out in front of their tank, but still, everybody will.

2. Grenades are powerful, and they kill you and your own just as efficiently as they kill the enemy. Helpful tip? They’ll bounce. Like off that wall right in front of you and then back into your squad. Don’t be that guy. He’s always picked last when dividing people up for transport in the Sunderers.

3. Allowing you to traverse long distances quickly, Instant Action and transports like the Sunderer and the Galaxy are your friends. Running 10km may seem healthier but this is the future. We can regrow your heart.

4. Combat Medics can heal you, if you stop running around. I SAID IF YOU STOP RUNNING AROUND! This is also why you get picked last.

5. That squiggly sound you sometimes hear is an infiltrator decloaking. We know it can be hard to tell if you just heard an enemy or an ally infiltrator, so here’s a simple tip. If you hear the sound and you don’t immediately die, it was probably a friendly. If you do find yourself dead, it was probably not. If your friend is standing behind you doing it over and over, you are being trolled. Hope that helps!

Vehicle Tips

1. Those may look like ants running around, but quite a few of them have rocket launchers (some with lock on capabilities).

2. Buzzing a control point tower may feel fun Maverick, but this isn’t a movie. Blast them before they blast you.

3. There is plenty of ammunition for everyone. Please form an orderly line at the ammo towers and proceed through in a civilized fashion. We are not, and I repeat, NOT responsible for any damage to vehicles that may occur in the drive thru lanes. And please stop touching the person next to you. Keep it up and we will turn this battle around.

4. Those are not rocks you are running over in the loading bay! Engineers are here to help, and they can’t do so stuck in your tank wheels.Jumping from seat to seat in a vehicle may sound fun (and completely realistic) but survivability improves greatly with a support team. Yes even the guy you can hear eating dinner in proximity chat may prove useful.

5. Primary guns slot into your primary or driver slot. Secondary guns slot on top in the secondary slot. Please stop trying to top-mount your primary tank busters. X’s and O’s people, X’s and O’s.

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