PlanetSide 2 Tank Killing Guide

PlanetSide 2 Tank Killing Guide by GKCanman

I have played around with alot of tank killing strats. I’ve used mines, heavies, counter tanks, C4 and aircraft in order to deal with them. I have also piloted my share of tanks.
One thing is for certain: if there’s like 7 tanks and you’re the only one attacking them They Will Push Forward. If they outnumber you 3 to 1 then you can’t really said it’s unfair. Still you can get some good kills while they try. Here is what i found.

3 of them will kill a sundy (take the mine suit upgrade). Also, you can use these similar to C4 in that you can dump them at a stationary vehicle (like a deployed sundy) and they will promptly blow up in about 2 seconds. You lay them out real quick so they’re really nice for this. Just know that if you want a tank to run over them dont spread them out. A damaged tank is not going to die. Stack those mines. It might look easy to find places tanks run over but honesltly it is not. You are exposed in the open trying to bait deadly vehicles. It is a good thing these mines persist after you’re dead. It is not easy to use these but when they work they really work. Good luck.

The standard rocket is dumb. Use it against infantry at best. Instead, pick the anti-aircraft rocket to use against tanks. The anti-tank does do a bit more damage and the lock on is great for moving targets but if you’re a decent shot that doesn’t matter. These rocket launchers are expensive so if you’re going to pick one, pick anti-air. Currently the anti-tank and the anti-air have 0 bullet drop so you can literally snipe out tanks (or turrets) from a distance. What you aim at is what you hit. If you’re alone hit them in the rear. 2 rockets kill a tank if it is the rear. If not it will tank about 4 and you either wont live or wont get the kill. If there’s more than 1 shooting at it then go nuts.If there’s a tank right outside your building, use your ears to tell and never trade shots. Engineer ammo is your friend and you can make real nasty anti-tank dens with your squad with heavies and 1 or 2 engineers. Add a spawn becon and you’ll make a great hangout place.

Counter Tanks
First, be an engineer. This is almost required. AP rounds are decent, but you almost completely lose the explosion. If you need to kill infantry with it then you better have some good aim or stupid targets. However, if you have AP arounds and you’re in a flat damage race you will win with about 30% to spare. What is probably better is to get the 2nd gun on top, the anti-tank grenade launcher. 1 full clip will end a poor tank if you catch its rear without any help with the main cannon. It is a nasty weapon but requires a friend and close range. Dont get into long range lobbing matches with other tanks. At best you can scare him off. Just because you’re a tank does not mean you can’t be sneaky. Get behind other tanks to start off with and dont fire until you can get a good shot. Try not to move so much in damage races (like trying to get behind them while they’re firing or going through rough ground). It is not easy to hit when you’re rocking the boat and every hit counts. Running behind them will probably not work out.

This is a very satisfying kill. Take C4 as a light, sneak up on a unsuspecting tank, lay 2 on the rear, run and throw the switch. This is best done against tanks hiding up on hilltops taking shots. Just dont try these few things. First, dont walk (or float) straight at it. You are not sly, they know what you’re doing. Second, after you lay them down, get away. You will kill yourself alot doing this. Third, beware of mag riders, the twinkle toe tank. Even if you manage to sneak up it is not easy to lay both C4 on top of it. Mags tend not to sit still. Last, if you manage to die before you can set off the C4 you might still get him. If there is an explosion anywhere close to your C4 it will still explode and take the tank with it.

I probably dont need to tell you small aircraft are hard to fly. It takes alot of hits to end a tank with the standard weapon, use the dumbfire rockets if you can. If you’re too low and close there’s a good chance they can end you with their main cannon. Get above them if you can but try not to fly into the ground. The anti-air tank 2nd kinda sucks, so dont worry about it. Try to pick out damaged tanks and not full health tanks. Front lines dont mean much to you. Libs are decent at killing tanks but they require a 2nd person. Just remember that you can switch seats in air. That means the bomber seat can take the rear gunner or even the pilot take the bomber seat. Have fun with that. Just dont try to use the forward cannon too much. Most of the damage comes from the bomber.

Right now i think the anti-tank max is underpowered. It can’t bring enough pain, doesn’t have the range, can’t deal with infantry and it is not easy to tell where it is hitting. HP and charge is nice, but you wont get many tank kills with that thing, even if you go dual tank busters. Until they change it i wouldn’t bother. It’s too expensive.

In some places it might be best to just fall back with your squad to a place where you can pull your own armor as a response. Infantry are not that good against tanks unless you really get organized. Don’t pull 1 tank against 5 either. You’ll waste it. Spawn points are labled if you can pull a tank and a little bit of a drive can pay off with the ammount of carnage you can bring. Well that’s my review on killing tanks. I know it’s long but hopefully that will help you guys deal with these things.

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