PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Lone Sniper Guide

PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Lone Sniper Guide by ShadowTheHedgehog

Hey guys. So I’ve been playing PS2 for a month now on the TR nation. I’ve tried out all classes. Originally, I thought that the Light or Heavy Assault classes were best for me. I tried using Infiltrator several times, but I felt like it was WAY too hard to play for WAY too little reward. That is, until I “unlocked my true potential” so to speak. In this guide, I will be giving you tips that may transform you from being that annoying mosquito that takes potshots at enemies with his semi-auto, into that feared hunter who gets 20 headshots in 2 min. (Yes that’s what I’ve been getting). So here we go.


The Infiltrator has two types of primaries: Sniper Rifles and Scout Rifles. IMO, if you’re using a scout rifle, you should not be playing an Infiltrator. All you are is an Infiltrator with an assault rifle, something you should not be using. A sniper is better at long range (a good sniper at medium ranges too), and a pistol can take care of the close range. As far as which sniper to get, go to the store and get the bolt action (for any nation) that costs 1000 CRT. For any nation, that is always the most powerful and accurate. Also get the X12 magnification scope for it and get good with it. This will put you 2 notches above other long range snipers on the battlefield as this scope eliminates a good deal of bullet drop and allows for EXTREMELY long range shots. For pistols, you can use whichever you are most comfortable with, the default or the purchased version. (I prefer purchased).


This is key to getting kills. As an Infiltrator, you should not be anywhere NEAR the thick of the fight, and preferably AWAY FROM TEAMATES, as they will draw attention to you. You are a lone gun, play like it. The best place to be for you is BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Use cover and your cloaking ability to get back there. One of my favorite positions is when I see a deployed enemy Sunderer outside my base. Find a good hidden area (a good distance away from the Sunderer) and just spawn camp. It may sound noobish, but this isn’t Call of Duty. Spawn camping a Sunderer in PS2 = $$$. As far as what shots to take, don’t go pot-shotting at moving targets, you will almost never get that coveted headshot due to low bullet speed, drop, etc. Look around groups of enemies for people that are standing still, and take a headshot. This will usually be medics reviving enemy players, engineers repairing their vehicles, assault classes aiming down their sights, or OTHER SNIPERS doing just what you are doing. If someone freezes for just 2 seconds, you should have a bullet in their head.


As a lone wolf, you will often be at an enemy outpost, Tech Plant, or Biolab far before your allies arrive. No matter, get to work AT ONCE! While using your cloak to maintain a low profile, hack any terminals or turrents in the base. This will render the base almost useless to enemy players. Also overload any generators in the vicinity. Then, be sure to call in allies to immediately assault the base, after you have softened it up. If you are a squad leader, you can set a drop beacon down for your allies to drop down on the base from orbit. You are basically the waiter who prepares the table for dinner.


Not much to say here. Preference is all. Upgrade your armor, suit, cloak, and utility whenever possible. The claymores are a particularly useful tool.


That is it I hope you enjoyed the guide. Everything else to becoming a good sniper is all experience. Maybe you could reward my hard work making this and keep it at the top of the forum? =3

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  1. T Man says:

    The scout rifles are not useless they are the main thing I use on infiltraitor and you should not be going into huge fire-fights or you will get killed you should sneak up behind enemy’s and kill them

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