PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Beginner’s Guide

PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Beginner’s Guide by Mibeshu

Infiltrators job:
Either sniper, providing covering fire or get into an enemy base and cause havoc. Havoc in this case being defined as hacking turrets, terminals, capping points and hiding and killing lone soldiers.

Using a cloak:
The cloak is ‘camo’ not ‘invisibility’. Always keep that distinction in mind. I can get anywhere with my cloak on if I keep my distance. Get too close to an enemy and they’ll see the faint outline but they won’t spot you from distance or if they are busy. When going into a base, cloak, pop your head in to assess the situation, pop back into cover and wait for a recharge, then go in if your assessment says you think can. Also, learn base layouts and find hidey-holes you can recharge in. I’ve taken Snowshear so many times I have timed by cloak charge to a T going from hiding place to hiding place; it’s not even a challenge anymore.

Best kit:
Long distance – LA80
Mid distance – Semi-auto sniper
Mid distance infiltration – Semi scout rifle
CQC – Full auto scout rifle

I suggest you put a couple of ranks into hacking and cloak charge. I also got the silencer for the full-auto scout rifle. Other than that, nothing else is needed, just things to make yourself feel more comfortable (I’ve got two ranks on my cloak, I don’t need any more but top rank would be ‘nice’).

How do I not die?
The CQC rifle is great when you get the jump on people but you cannot go toe-to-toe with anyone unless they keep missing. Don’t engage groups, be patient and work on hacking or sniping (killing from a distance). If you want a bit of action with your CQC weapon then follow a group, when they come into heavy fire, cloak, flank and pick people off one-by-one, cloaking between each kill. Always, ALWAYS engage enemies from behind.

Use shift to hold your breath. Pick your targets. Learn how many pips (reticle spots) you need to adjust for range. Get closer if you are having trouble. Use a semi-auto rifle if the bolt is too hard. Practice. Also, don’t be afraid to go a little closer if you have a group around you and act as an ‘assault sniper’. You can help out a group in trouble with some long range sniping in a base courtyard.

Some people also use AP mines but I’ve put some of my points into Reaver piloting and engineering so I’ve not saved up enough for them. They seem useful but I can’t comment.

Closing notes:
The best advice I can give you is to be patient. Sniping is great for XP, infiltration is not. I find infiltration more satisfying and fun though. Be patient when cloaking. Be patient when getting into a base. Be patient when you are looking to kill someone. If you start getting frustrated with the infiltrator, play something else for a while. You won’t do much good if you keep rushing into a place.

Engage from behind, stay hidden, plan ahead and when you attack, attack suddenly and leave as quickly. You are a hawk and every other player is a mouse. Do it right and they won’t know what hit them.

Forgot to mention: use landscape shadows. I can easily spot people who are wandering around in the sunshine but it’s much harder to see people when they are crouched in the shadow of a rock. If you can’t get to cover before your cloak is up, get into a shadow.

In the same vein, don’t run over a hilltop uncloaked; you’ll be a big target as your silhouette pops up over the skyline. If you need to snipe from a hill top, you’ll be better doing it just past the brow of a hill (again, in a shadow).

More Tips by Noctover

Infiltrator has 2 jobs really, it can snipe, and sniping isnt necessarily kill farming as i’ll quickly explain:

Using an example of a large fight a few days ago, we had a LOT of Vanu armor on this ridge pressuring our position pulling us back slowly, me and 2 other snipers flanked the left hand side and positioned in the hills, and took out the 8 engineers keeping the tanks alive, the tanks were quickly dispatched and this is a great example of an Infiltrator doing his job.

Infiltrators job is also to Infiltrate, now our CQB weapons are no where near upto the par of say, HS, LS, or even Medic/Engineer, but that dosent mean we cannot CQB.

As an Infiltrator we dont do fights straight up, if you are slugging it out head on head with a HS vs your bolt action/pistol your likely to lose unless the enemy drank too much one evening, for CQB you move fast, you use the cloak between destinations, run from cover to cover recharging your cloak, use your dart to scope out a room before entering if need be, hack turrets to deny the enemy anti-air/anti-tank weapons, disrupt generators, wait for enemies to pass and put 3-4 well placed scout shots in the back of the enemies head.

Played properly, the Infiltrator works very well as a lone wolf, attacking enemy bases that arnt being zerged, play very good recon role in a squad, do a great job of picking off enemies EG engineers in turrets that are holding your force back, and keeping an OP on (A) when your team is in there capping it, you can give them a heads up on what’s incoming from what direction.

Infiltrator is the “Smart” class, its not run-and-gun head first grunt work, its for playing smart and done properly every kill is satisfying.

I’ve seen Infiltrators get into bases behind enemies, hack AT turrets and take out over a dozen tanks queued up by their shield!

How do you not die? Well like i said, play smart, fight on YOUR TERMS! Dont be afraid to run away if you get spotted don’t just slug it out and hope for the best, run away, disengage, reposition, wait for them to lose you then stab them in the back, BE A NINJA! Is that Heavy Assault in your way? Drop a mine near by, pop out, put 2 pistol rounds in the HA, the HA will charge you thinking your a sure thing (trust me they do) lure him into your mine, you’d be surprised how often it works, its smart play and highly satisfying!

How to get better at sniping? Simple…..Practise, you can read guides, watch videos, but nothing is going to teach you the natural instinct of where you aim that scope when a target is weaving, jetpacking, moving toward you, moving away, when to compensate for drop, literally your best method of learning this is to do it, it will come naturally without you even realising it.

Best Kit? Situational and Optional in some cases, but Hunter Cloak is amazing, Bouncing Betties/Claymores are also amazing and used smartly, one of your greatest weapons by a LONG straw. I have 2 load outs, Infiltrator Assault and Infiltrator Sniping, both pretty self explanatory.

I believe the faction sniper rifles are pretty similar, for sniping i’d say NC have the best bolt action sniper rifle, with its high velocity bullets, but i believe when it comes to getting into CQB situations with your sniping gear, TR have a nice auto pistol + semi auto sniper and Vanu also have a nice semi auto sniper rifle.

Hope this helps!

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