Path of Exile Witch Arc Summoner Build Guide

Path of Exile Witch Arc Summoner Build Guide by VoidMoon

Spoiler Warning: The contained video shows gameplay footage from act 3.

Today I will be discussing my current build in open beta. At the time of posting I am level 76. The video showcasing the build and describing it in detail can be found here:

This shows my build in act 3 merciless at Lunaris Temple Floor 2. This zone will be your final destination to grind maps.

Your passive tree skills should look like this at the following levels ( allowing a small disparity in levels due to optional quest rewards )
Note: Get static blows as soon as you have gotten minion instability, this was forgotten when I was making these urls.

Level 20:

Level 30:

Level 40:

Level 50:

Level 60:

Level 70:

Level 75:

The basics of this build are to have an army of zombies that do immense amounts of damage while you debuff the enemy with a chained arc. Your basic fight consists of approaching an enemy group and dropping a spell totem with summon skeletons attached. These skeletons act as a meat shield between you and your enemies, providing damage in their melee attacks and significant AOE damage to enemies as they explode with minion instability.

The benefits of this build include:

High Damage, Both AoE and single target
Extremely High Survivability
Great group synergy by protecting the group with zombies and debuffing the enemies with arc
Extremely easy to solo with at high levels
Excellent clear rate for Maps

The drawbacks of this build:
May be annoying to group members due to summons
Mediocre at lower levels
Tough on act bosses such as Merveil, Vaal, and Piety

The gear, gems, and support gems you want with this build are as follows:

Weapon –
Wand with high spell damage.
With this weapon you will have your arc attached. It is necessary to have chain attached to hit 2 extra targets. Arc is used as a tool to spread shock, not intended for high amounts of damage. If your mana regen allows it your other support gem can be faster casting or lightening pen.

Sidhebreath Paula Amulet. This amulet increases your minions’ movement speed, health, and damage.

Helm –
Energy shield helm with plus 2 to minion level gems.
With this armor you will have your raise zombie gem, along with increased minion health, increased minion speed, and increased minion damage attached as supports.

Boots –
Increased movement spead.

Shield –

High increased spell damage.

Other gems and supports:

Spell totem with summon skeletons, and a faster casting gem attached as a support.

Clarity with reduced mana as a support.

Wrath with reduced mana as a support.

Raise specter with increased minion damage and greater multiple projectiles attached as supports.

Conductivity gem.

Fight rotation:

You will start by summoning your zombies and specters. Once you approach a group of monsters you will summon a skeleton totem nearby. This will summon your waves of skeletons that act as a meat wall, and provide good dps as they explode. Next you will cast conductivity on the group to reduce their lightning resistance and increase their chance to be shocked. Once they are cursed spam arc until they are destroyed. Re-summon your zombies and spectres as they die, and try to keep them at max.

A note on specters:
It is beneficial to summon ranged specters as your pets. Melee specters die quickly, and don’t put out the same amount of damage that ranged specters with lmp or gmp are capable of.

A note to low levels:
At low levels I believe it is not only safer, but much quicker to run freezing pulse than arc. You will be using this spell until around level 40 when you have minion health gems attached to your zombies, chain equiped to your arc, and have a sidhebreath paula amulet equiped. Attach a faster projectiles to freezing pulse (as it does more damage the closer you are to an enemy, thus making this range extended due to the distance freezing pulse travels with faster projectiles) along with a LMP until you get your zombie health gem, amulet, and chain.

Leveling a summoner may be harsh at first but mid 30’s and especially once you get spell totem with skeletons you will notice a big increase in survivability and killing speed.

If you found this helpful or to keep up on my builds and guides please subscribe to my youtube page and follow me on my twitch stream I answer questions here live to the best of my ability so feel free to pop in and ask away!

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  1. Schtick says:

    You state you take arc for the primary purpose of spreading shock, but you fail to take Static blows and the surrounding chance to shock nodes. This seems like a poor decision. What was the logic behind it?

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