Path of Exile Ranger Melee Dual Wield Guide

Path of Exile Ranger Melee Dual Wield Guide by ykyshaeq


OBT build


Lvling 1-55
In passive skills tree u must go for all possible HP passives earler than for DPS.
After killing Hilock get dual strike as revard for 1st quest and buy 2 rapiers from vendor.
Get cleave as 2nd reward.
Get hatred as 3rd reward.
Get added mana leech and link it to cleave after entering Cavern of woe.
After that get 1 increased critical damage gem link to dual strike and always get lesser multiple projectiles for quests, trade this gems to others for Warlord mark, Whirling blades, Melee physical damage x2, added fire damage, faster atacks, Anger, Haste.
Collect orbs and dont waste it on low lvl items. U must have 1-2 exalteds or 6-12 GCPs.

After 55 lvl start farming piramid rare monsters till u get:
x2 dragonbone rapiers(must be itemlevel 60)
dex or dex str
55+ gloves, boots, chest, helm.

after that start farming Maps.
till lvl 75 i recomend do only magic maps.
Recomended maps mods:
Chaos damage per second, build have x4 more hp regen.
25% reflect ele or phys damage, liffeleech and reflect heal over it.
Permanent temporal chains, u can move with whirling blades.
Elemental equilibrium
2 unique bosses.
More rare or magic mobs.

Never try this mods:
Players cant regen hp\mp
50% slower regen

If u see someone selling 66+ lvl maps buy it instantly, here drops 1k hp unique armor.

Always check unique items in chat u need Kaom’s Heart chaos plate.

1 Hallowed flask with instant recovery on low hp
1 Hibrid flask with fast regen
1 Any Hallowed mana flask
1 Diamond flask
1 Granite flask

Core mods on items.
Roll it with chaos orbs.

If no Kaom’s heart
55+ str armor or dex str armor- 80+ hp, 50%+ armor and 1-2 resists mods.
55+ boots- 80+ hp and 30 move speed
55+ gloves- 80+ hp and atack speed or mana leech
55+ helmet- 80+ hp and 50%+ armor mod

ring1 2% lifeleech, 60+ hp and some resists mods
ring2 1% manaleech, 60+ hp and some resists mods
Amulet 3-5% lifeleech, very good if it have crit damage multipler also.
Belt Heavy belt with 70+ hp.

roll with orbs of alterations 100+ physical damage on yours Dragonbone rapiers then regal it.

For party or solo use all 3 auras Hatred, Haste and Anger. Use Warlord mark curse when u need additional lifeleech and fst flasks charges.
Ignore aof guys who cry in party about ur hatred and warlord mark that its makes their dps lesser.
Always iniciate combat and play like tank in party.
Always use whirling blades on ranged mobs and kill it fast is possible.
Always use diamond or granite flask on rare mobs and packs of blue mobs.
My curent items.

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