Path of Exile Templar EB Lightning Build Guide

Path of Exile Templar Eldritch Battery Lightning Build Guide by Bloodlash

Since I’ve been using a Lightning Templar based off CNKalmah’s build, I got the stage where I was really enjoying the main portion of the build, but was constantly wanting/needing a higher mana base, which led me to experiment with this build. Eldritch Battery / Lightning Templar.

Might even be similar to the Ice Temp that CNKalmah is using, haven’t checked :D

Basically what you wanna do before anything else, is head straight to the node just before EB. (you can get EB but it won’t be THAT useful early on) But on a very specific route. It means getting basically no nodes except Int nodes for most of your first 20 points, since this is easier to accomplish in normal than in the high 30’s to 40’s, best to lay out your ‘highway’ early on.

First 20 Points – Level 1 – 18 including both Act I passive bonuses

This route will take longer overall, but it will take you through the 3 primary block nodes, saving you points you would need to spend later, it also takes you past the 3 life nodes up top, and the Lightning damage nodes up there too. It balances distance to EB with efficiency later on.

The first 25-30 levels should be primarily defensive, survivability is key more so than DPS, since your main skill will (by 31) be supplemented by some decent damage boosters with the right gear.

Next 15 points – Level 19-32 Appr Taking EB at 31

First, grab the 3 life nodes up top, then head over to the shield nodes at the left corner, grab the top 3 (we don’t need ES on Shield for this build) and then go down to the shield nodes on the left side and grab the leftmost 3, that makes around 17% block chance from passives atm. Then, go down and grab the 3 life nodes just below and to the right.

You can grab EB at 31, since all your aura’s (the good ones at least) are level 31, and you’ll be heading towards at least 4 link armour (hopefully a 5 link chest) at this time grab a decent ES helm to increase your mana. All your other gear (Shield, chest, gloves, boots) should be pure armour.

Next 27 points – Level 33-60 Appr

Now, we start going into DPS mainly (with a little life for good measure), by heading from the left 3 life nodes, over to the 3 Elemental Damage on Weapons nodes. Then up to Elementalist, and the 3 adjacent Lightning Damage nodes. At this time you can also get the Static Blows node at the very top. And you can also grab the 2 mace nodes on the left side, one is an 18% damage node.

Grab the 3 Elemental DMG nodes at the Temp start point and then Celestial Walker. You might also wanna grab the leftmost Armour/ES node and then Body and Soul. You can also grab the life cluster in the middle of the Temp start area.

By this time you ought to be well balanced with mana/dps/life/armour. A decent shield with around 1k Armour, along with decent Chest (600-1000) and gloves/boots with 200 or so each, will net you a decent amount of armour (maybe 4-5k) with Determination running. With Discipline and a decent 400+ ES helm you should have a good supply of mana too.

Grabbing the Unnatural Calm 15% ES passive is a good idea now in the next 2 points.

Here’s a final 88 point build (Level 70)

It’s debatable whether you should grab the 3 life nodes near the mara area, or the life regen nodes near the centre, depends on your preference and needs. The extra 3 shield block nodes below the temp starting area are a must, an extra 4% block (21% from passives) plus an extra 30% defense on your shield (if it has 1k armour it’s a nice bonus with Determination). You could even skip the 4 armour nodes, and go grab the regen AND life passives.

It’s also an option to grab the 4 life nodes near Elemental Equilibrium up top, instead of the Armour nodes. Depends on how your armour situation is going.

Gear and Skills

Lightning Strike Your main attack, this will be your primary weapon for bosses and mobs in general.
+ Weapon Elemental Damage
+ Melee Physical Damage
+ Faster Attacks

+ Added Fire Damage
+ Life Leech or Chain or Mana Leech

(tbh I haven’t thought much on 6-Links lol)

Tempest Shield Your primary defensive skill, giving 4% extra block (with a 29% shield you’d have around 54% block chance) and shocking enemies on block
+ Iron Will
+ Elemental Proliferation
+ Reduced Mana Cost

Elemental Weakness Your curse, since you’ll be doing not only lightning damage but added fire, conductivity wouldn’t be very productive
+ Increased Duration

Arc Stack this on a totem for dealing out tons of shock charges on enemies
+ Spell Totem
+ Chain
+ Elemental Proliferation

Determination + Wrath + Anger + Reduced Mana Cost
Discipline + Clarity + Reduced Mana Cost

You may want to add Haste if you really decide you want another aura.

If you don’t have room on your gear for everything, just prioritize on what you need at the time, obviously you want your chest/boost/gloves/helm to be 4-Linked (5 for the chest preferably but not required) and a 3 link shield and sceptre.

You wanna use a sceptre with good Implicit (Crystal and Opal come to mind, with 20% implicit) and it should have RAW damage (Lightning AND Fire ideally) and good Increased Physical damage.

Your chest should be pure armour, with HP.

Your gloves/boots will need pure armour, and HP/Resists.

Your shield should be a tower shield of some sort, with high chance to block (28% or 29%) and high armour plus resists.

Rings and Amulet will need Raw Lightning and Fire damage.

Belt should have good HP and resists.

Templar classes also have many opportunities to take Reduced Mana Cost as a reward, as well as WED and Iron Will.

That’s about it. This is the build I will be trying in Open Beta, I’ve tested the first segment out and it works well up to Eldritch Battery, and I have got MOST of the other nodes already on my old Lightning Temp and the only issue he has is Mana.. therefore, the build should work well with EB added to the mix. Let me know any feedback.

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