Modern War Free Player’s Max Stats and Long Term Positions Guide

Modern War Free Player’s Max Stats and Long Term Positions Guide by Kiss Of Death

I have copped a bit of flack because I write about using gold conservatively and how free players want to know where they will sit. Being a free player may mean you need to take it a bit slower with adding allies and a little more camping to give yourself the time to build up the cash troops you need when confronted by longer term free players and gold players.

I hope that this post will give you the insight on long term decisions about which nation you chose and is not detailed to cover the in between stages, mostly because in between is so varied based on your own decision on which buildings to build and in what order, and which to upgrade and again in which order.

This post simply serves to help you see the final position you can be in using just the core in game cash & valor units, and the effect valor units have on the cash ones at the 500 ally mark. It does not require you to be level 200. In fact with the exception of needing to PvP to get the most powerful Valor units you could achieve this in very low levels using camping. IT IS A LONG POST but I like to be detailed enough it can be easily understood.

The post below outlines the core units for all players regardless of nation selected. It shows the maximum and most powerful units you can wield at the highest point you can obtain. It is the aiming point for all armies and then the following Nation Specific tables will show what adjustments to this list need to be made to take advantage of the modifications to attack and defense values the nation type creates.


Assumptions: Level 10 Boost Buildings for all unit types and Composite Factory (250gold) at level 10. If you don’t want to spend $20 to buy this one item, then down load about 120 Tapjoy applications for free to get it. It might take you a few hours each day for a few days. Ultimately it makes nearly no difference at all to final unit selections.

All Base Units statistics have had the 10% attack and 20% defense added to the values from the assumptions.

The purpose of my post is to help players determine what country they wish to play, what as a free player they can expect long term to achieve as a maximum outcome. The same post can be blended with my other post for gold spending on crates as a backbone to playing if you like. But this one is about what you can do as a free player. If you don’t want the composite factory; PM me and I’ll send a modified summary to you personally.

THIS IS A BASIC GUIDE FOR LONG TERM CONTEMPLATION, clearly along the way there are hundreds of variations which make one country stronger (China and Germany could get away better with adding more allies quicker and make that a benefit earlier for all the cheap powerful infantry/vehicles while others scrimp and sc**** to buy expensive ships and planes) So lay off the half way there strategy posts unless they are well written and correct… I WILL CHECK THEM… just Read the post for what it is! If you want to prattle about better ways at various levels go for it on your own thread not mine. It takes a lot of time to do this properly and unless you want to take that time yourself, keep posts to building on this or just PM me any challenges you have. I DO answer and I do edit my post to correct data. Here goes…

Unit costs $3.6 Million each and has Attack Value A=55

Unit costs $5.4 Million each and has Defense Value D=55.2

Unit costs 1,500 Valor each and has Attack Value of A=110

Unit Costs 800 Valor each and has Defense Value of D=78

From this we know the greatest base values you can achieve using only in game cash units to form the minimum strength values below. We also know how much each valor unit can boost this score from the base line as we obtain valor and spend it on the best units it can buy for defense or attack. We can also determine the cost to achieve the maximum cash value strength with 500 allies (2000 units).

MAX A= 2000 Stealth Bombers x 55 Attack = 110,000 Cost $6.8 Billion

MAX D = 2000 Aircraft Carriers x 55.2 Attack = 110,400 Cost $10.8 Billion

Each Elite Ops Jet fielded increases A by +55 and D by +22.8

It is important to note you will be able to field the Elite Water Cruiser much sooner than the Elite Ops Jet and doing so will give the same defense boost for only 800 Valor not 1,500. But it will not improve your attack score at all.

NATION BASED ADVANTAGES (UK +10% Sea, Russia +10% Air, German +10% Ground, China +10% Infantry)

Simply put the following changes will need to be made to take advantage of the most powerful adjusted units.

No change to cash units… please don’t argue about the Railgun Destroyer. The variation is 0.2 per unit… 2000 units = +400 to your 110,000 Base Score… cost to achieve that +400… $9.2 Billion more than just Stealth Bombers. The Aircraft Carriers are the key advantage and suddenly give you an extra +4.6 Defense each (+9,200 Defense)

UK Base A = 110,000 D = 119,600

Double Valor Units: The Elite Water Carrier will boost your Defense by +24.7 on top of the already +9,200 you already gained on the Aircraft Carriers. Elite Ops Jets remain your best attack unit so UK has the disadvantage of having to spend on 2x Valor units. This is fine if your tactic is primarily Defense as it is a cheaper option for better defence increases.


No Change to cash units… Stealth Bomber increases Attack by +5 each gaining you an instant +10,000 Attack. Defense cannot be improved by any cash Air unit to beat the Aircraft Carrier.

RUSSIA Base A = 120,000 D = 110,400

Valor Units: Remain unchanged. Invest purely in Elite Ops Jets, they will now increase (on top of the +5 you already gained on Stealth Bombers) your Attack by +60 each and by +29.3 Defense each.


No change to ANY units, at highest building levels Germany is no stronger than having selected NO Nation.

GERMAN Base A = 110,000 D = 110,400


No change to cash units.

CHINA Base A = 110,000 D = 110,400

Double Valor Units?: Like UK, the Elite Ops Jet remains the key attack unit, but the Experimental Soldier actually is +1.3 Defense above the Jet or Water Cruiser. It costs 500 less than the jet but 200 more than the boat… is it worth doubling up for that… not in my opinion… final position is No change to Valor units recommended.


Play Russia or UK only. Russia has most aggressive attack ability and needs only focus on one valor unit while UK has clearly got the upper hand on defense but would need to double up buying Elite Ops Jets if it wishes to boost its attack with valor, unless you have a valor tap I still suggest Russia as the ultimate choice.


Go for it, do some quick calcs but I suggest you PM me the bonus and I can edit this thread to show the effects of each special event item that has an effect on units with each nation. And of course if you are UK and have a couple of big +240A ships like me… who cares, if you’re maxed out and an attacker then that pales to the instant +10,000 Attack you gain switching to Russia for a few tapjoy gold bars… I’m thinking about it but for now my spreadsheets show my home advantage with UK still.


Another post which blends this information with my previous using crates thread and my own game play is in the wind.


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  1. Dennis says:

    Are the extras (such as trees, barrels, etc) purely decorative, as the category implies, or do they have a hidden game effect?

  2. The smurf says:

    Do you have an updated version? I really like your concept. However, I’d like your thoughts on the changes since you last posted this guide. Thanks.

    New player. Only a month playing.

  3. THE RULER says:

    This stuff is not updated enough. The best valor unit is the Eternity fighter, with 600 Al ajd 500 D.

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