Modern War Turtling Economy Building Guide

Modern War Turtling Economy Building Guide by emcee

Note: This is a hardcore camping guide with emphasis on not leveling at all cost coupled with maintaining an enviable win loss percentage.

You don’t have to spend any real dollars to have good income. The key to this game (for someone not spending real dollars) is to camp from the beginning. Stop all leveling activities and attack no one and do no missions. Also do not add any alliance members unlike Crime City, which I find if employing the same strategy you should max alliance and equip with all best weapons and armor, etc.

Currently at level 3.
Missions completed 2
Fights won 5
Fights lost 0
Successful raids/Failed raids 0
Alliance members 1
# of units 13
Alliance attack 57
Alliance defense 59
Income per hour 82,175
Money 6,004,760
No gold purchased.

My friend’s account employing the same strategy got bumped to level 5 with attacks when he decided to max alliance members but quickly learned to dump all.

He’s at level 5.
Missions completed 2
Fights won 40
Fights lost 3
Successful raids/Failed raids 0
Alliance members 1
# of units 35
Alliance attack 71
Alliance defense 87
Income per hour 76,858
Money 6,482,553
No gold purchased.
4 guard towers

Both accounts have the max buildings available to purchase without gold

By concentrating on establishing a strong income base in the beginning will allow easier upgrade of all units, buildings, base expansion with a lower chance of getting attacked and/or raided. Also, there is no need to worry much about losing units during down time as players are not attacking much in the beginning. New players are in essence not seasoned enough in the beginning and chances are would not be able to penetrate your strong defense. Buy heavy gunner, anti aircraft vehicle, harrier jet and stealth boat as soon as possible to fortify against attacks. Once purchased sit back and upgrade income buildings and expand base at your leisure.

For those reading this guide who have leveled higher camping is still a viable option. Stop all further activity and concentrate on upgrading money buildings and if necessary invest in defense units. Drop all alliance members and hopefully you will fall off the radar of larger better equipped rivals.

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