Modern War Farm 100m in 3 Weeks Guide

Modern War Farm 100m in 3 Weeks Guide by digitalwalker

Hi all. Looks like we have quite a few guides for non-gold player. So I feel like to start a post writing my own experiences as a light gold player and hopefully it may benefit players has or going to invest around 100 dollars into the game. And this guide applies to players below level 30s and it is best suited for a new character, but if you are not in one of the situations above, you may still find it helpful, especially the tactic part.

Before I start, I think it might be good to put my stat first so that people won’t think I am talking with nothing to prove. Right, my low level account:
Current level: 29
Time played: approximate 3 weeks
Missions: 67
Win/lose: 1730/33
Raid/lose: 675/4
Income: 145k
*Total Cash Gained in 3 weeks: 80million (has put into upgrade buildings), 30 million in hand. 110million in total ( if you follow this guide, you may gain even more than me)

The global strategy is earn as much cash as possible by pvp before level30 and put them all in upgrade money buildings. And I shall start by put one piece of information and one concept as foundations of the guide, they are the essences of why this guide works.

1) Due to the unpleasant high lost of units currently and the fear of rushing into high level regime we have, most players were decided to camp and keep themselves low leveled and do no pvp activities. This results in a huge amount of cash exceeded of a handful players vault. I shall tell you my experiences of how to hunt them.

2) one should always keep in mind that whatever kinds of activities, xp is the last thing you want to gain. Because not only you want to level as slow as possible(in order to let ur economic and military power grow in a balanced way with your level growth) but also, below level 30s, each level are gold mines, you want to extract as much cash as possible in each level. So there is a parameter you may always like to maximize: A = Cash gained/ Xp gained*

If you maximized very well in each level, I can guarantee you will be one of the top players before entering the high level regime.
Decisions and Strategies
Ok, let’s start by discussing the general strategy. I separated them into individual parts so that we can look into each of them in a great detail.

1) General goals: You want to gain at least 50million by raiding/attacking before level 30, and spent them all on upgrading money buildings. Finish all valor missions,*

2) country selection do not choose Iran and America, First of all PVE gives you a very small value of A (including the value of loot items) compare with PVP if follow this guide. Stamina 10% bounds is less valuable than the 10% units bounds when you are in low level with small amount of stamina, also, in low levels, people can hardly overpass the 10% stats bounds you had from ur gold units.And i myself did not choose China and German. Because I was using gold units to pass my early stage of the game, so units of these two country I weren’t and won’t *even consider to buy.

3) Gold units selection: Buy cheap gold units instead of expensive one, and the ones give u the country bounds, because we are light gold player, and we are going to focus on the 5-20 ally regime, which means u need 20-80 strong units, the best is pure golden army, and the worst is 20% of ur army are destructible, in order to suffer zero loss during the fights. And buy strong against infantry or ground gold units, because in early levels, most players are armed by these two kinds. ( excuse me for not taking sea scout into account as there is no cheap non-sea gold units are strong against sea type)

4) buildings decisions: *apart from cash, time is the most important thing you would like to consider, there is no hurry to build or upgrade buildings you will not need in a short time. Buildings you are not hurry to buy and upgrade: units buildings apart from advanced one(ur country type), defense buildings, fast pay money buildings. Reasons are, first, only buy cash units that are very strong like units from lvl1 advanced buildings. Second, ur defense score is high enough to compensate the weakened buildings defense score. Third, even you can log on every 5/10/30 mins, you will still lose them when u sleeping, you wanna spent ur cash and time on those buildings can pay u 100%, it is efficient in the long run, and you wont lack of cash due to ur pvp activities. So I recommend: munition stockpile, recycle plant, ore mine, oil refinery, chemical plant, oil rig. High level of those r ur key to compete with those heavy gold players in the future.

Ok, I shall now telling how to perform pvp activities.
1) you got to know before level 40, the maximum cash you can gain pre attack is increasing as your opponents level increasing, which means before level 15 if I recall it right, attacks won’t give u much cash even the person has 1trillion in hand, so the best choice is raiding, especially munition stockpiles, and after 15, I think per attack pay out limit is start to greater than the pay out of lvl6 munition stockpile which suggesting that attacking or raiding lvl6+ munition stockpile. And after level 20, do not raid as it give u a very small A.

2) only attacks people who gives u the max pay out cash, you can know it by noticing ur second attack pays u the same amount as the first one, if it drops, stop attacking, Don’t be greedy, because you don’t want to spent your xp on those less returned attacks, and there are plenty players have tons of cash waiting for u. And once u leveled to 20ish, u will find, not many people can pay u the max amount on every attacks. Then u may set up a minimum amount to stop attacking, I always set it to be 60k, if my attacks give me below this number, I will stop.

3) stay low allied, start from 5 allies, and clear up those millionaires then add allies gradually, so you get a wider range of rivals which can potentially give u more millionaires to attack. *Once u cleared rivals up to 20 Ally *numbers, stop , because if you attacked one with 20allies and his attack score is greater than your defense score when u had 5 allies, then you could not shrink ur ally number back to 5 again as he will surely revenge. (numbers are depend on every individuals)

4) Remember, use those pending ally requests as a rival list adjuster, if you use it wisely, you can benefit it a lot from it. But also remember,your opponents can do the same, they can use theirs pending list as a revenge tool, so you should better leave those rivals alone who can potentially enhance their force in a short time, for example, if u see one worth to attack, but he got gold units and he has lots of units not been brought to battle, then you know he can potentially harm u by quickly adding up allies, the last thing you want to have is a strong and angry revenger, it will slow u down a lot.

5) there is a faint rule govern ur rivals list, either strong players with similar level/ally number as urs, or weak players with higher level/ally numbers. This rule is generally right, especially for those below level 20. And u want to attack those strong players as they could have more cash in hand. So refresh ur rival list, and until u see most of rivals are similar to ur level/ally numbers, go check them one by one.

6) Some of the players are lazy and like to holding a lots of cash, u may like to take snapshot of theirs name, and came back to attack him again after few hours.

7)how to tell the size of ones vault, normally, peoples size of theirs vault is proportional to theirs size of landscape, so if you see one with lots of cash but small base, then you know, his cash must be in excess, then you’re good to go.

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