Loadout Starter Weapons Guide

Loadout Starter Weapons Guide by Rukrio

some people think the starting weapons suck, but sometimes, i get caught off guard by somebody killing me with the default Assault Rifle or Tesla Shotgun. the Healing Pulse works just as effective as other healing weaponry one could craft, and two players using it can overheal each other easily. and some people have sniped the heck out of me with the default Sniper Rifle. (that i could tell)

this is a small guide on where the lowly starting weapons thrive as you learn the ropes of Loadout, though don’t swear by it: it’s only from my perspective on where they’ve killed me the most.

Tesla Shotgun: as the name implies, it’s best at dealing damage up close. the Tesla payload has a nice side effect as well: it deals a small bit of damage to targets hunkering a bit too close to whoever you’re shooting, making it somewhat good at helping buds clear a point faster. it’s also what I’ve based my Pulse Shotgun off: if it isn’t broke, apply it to your own play-style and use it!

Assault Rifle: Mid-range, but this weapon is one you’ll want to improve on as soon as you get the means to. (IMHO (in my honest opinion))

Sniper Rifle: good long range weapon, but you’ll want to cover your ‘weak spot’ with another weapon for when an opponent gets too close. pick at targets as you please, but if your spot’s ‘busted’ (people know to come to the location to kill you) you’ll want to find a new one. reloads surprisingly fast too for a shell based weapon.

Healing Pulse: it’s one thing to deal damage. it’s another when you trade off a weapon for one to keep buds alive. only use this gun when you have an actual team. 1v1/1v2? get another loadout ASAP. otherwise, be awesome and grab this gun and be a medic: bitches love a good overheal, sometimes leading to another player returning the favor and (over)healing you. overhealed teammates can take more hits, meaning they can live longer.

one last tip: don’t underestimate grenades. they will be your best friend during your “greenhorn” days as the starting equipment all new players will have to use. default bind is “C”

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