Loadout Mobility and Survival Guide

Loadout Mobility and Survival Guide by Rukrio

Part 1: Uses in Combat

Dying a lot? Finding it hard to kill that one dude who’s waking, rolling and hopping every which way? and are you walking toward your target while firing?

if you can answer yes to any of these, chances are you need to step back and look at that guy who is moving around like a seemingly panicked SoB. Accuracy is one thing. hitting a target is another. doing so while throwing your foes for a loop, hopping, rolling and staying mobile? that’s what this thread is about.

“but why should i fucking copy that dumbass bunnyh-” survival, damnit.

first of all, you’ll want to get your gun of choice from the weaponcrafting menu and shoot the standing targets. see how easy they go down? now, try shooting one of the two running targets. it takes a bit more, but he goes down as well, right? and i’m not just saying more as in bullets, i’m also saying more as in aiming where you know the dummy will be. this is “leading” your target. being predictable usually leads players to an unneeded death by my omega cannon.

so how can one last longer by being less predictable? simply put, stay mobile. Circle Strafing is one way to achieve this, as it keeps you moving to the side and around your target, with you keeping your aim on him in order to get the “Circle” while holding A or D to strafe around him. however, most occasions you won’t have time or room to do this. this is where Ctrl and Space become your friends. Ctrl makes you “dive roll”, and Space makes you jump. Dive Roll apparently stops fires, but you’ll have to do it multiple times to see it happen. in addition, it seems to alter your hitbox during it’s animation. i’m not sure though. finally, it keeps you moving, and if you time it right, boosts your jump. speaking of jumping, it adds another dimension for your enemy to aim. this means your foe has to account for this as well, making you less predictable.

one last note: W+M1 does not work in Loadout. you are not a Backburner Pyro or Phlog Pyro, and i’m pretty sure that if you’re smart enough of a gamer, you can ditch the tactics that worked so well for you in other shooters and learn anew… even if you prefer CoD.

Part 2: Getting the High Ground

In Loadout, there are a few ways to get to unusual places. usually this entails a few tricks: rolling, sprinting, jumping, and even to some extent the jump boots, which unlock at level 16.

Sprinting up a slope then jumping is a basic one i’ve seen newbies do all the time without thinking about using it on slopes in general. it’s somewhat silly all the places you can go with sprint jumping, but if there is a slope that you can leap off of, there’s a way to your target. Shattered has great spots for sniping on the large rocks that can be accessed with a good sprint jump (or in some cases a roll jump, more on that in a bit) off a slope to a smaller rock, followed by another sprint jump to get to it.

however, sometimes the level doesn’t offer you a ramp or a slope to your target: no biggie, you can probably scale it too with a roll jump, which can be done by rolling then jumping at the right time. it’s possible to get to the bridge on Four Points with a roll jump rather than going to the sides and sprinting your way to it.

once you get to level 16 is when the fun starts with your mobility: the jump boots allow one to double jump, effectively boosting your distance and height for jumps and allowing routes that couldn’t be done before. who needs those bridges in Fissure when you can sprint jump off a rock followed by your jump boots?

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