Loadout Faux Ammo and Health Kits Guide

Loadout Faux Ammo and Health Kits Guide by insomniaplaysgames

Guess its fitting that i should make this post. i’m sure a lot of you have eaten a faux health kit from me before…

Okay, in my opinion the Faux kits are one of the best things in the game that i have unlocked so far.. so i have used them quite a bit now, and thought i’d post a few ways you can use them, and one or two ways you can avoid them

You can drop a faux kit anywhere you like, the only two exceptions are..
– you can not place one within a certain distance from another one (you cant stack them on top of each other)
– you can’t place them in mid-air (^^ obviously)

Trap placement

So usually, if your fighting people ranked 0-5 placing them anywhere on the map is fine for the most part, most people haven’t learnt where the spawns for the real health kits are yet, so there easy prey…

however people with levels 5-?? have played the game alot longer, and will know where the “real” spawns are, so one effective strategy i have found is dropping the faux kits, on top of the real ones (either before the real one is used or after the explosion seems to hit before the health does, and with the recent change to how the health kits work, even if the health kit hits before the faux one, you should still kill them)

*though, learn where high traffic areas are over time, as you will get more kills with your traps if you place them where they will be used

Lastly though, another good place to stick them, is areas where there is limited visibility, for example on fissure, there is a small hole in the wall near the flag rooms, people will jump up there, not being able to see if there is a kit up there or not, and meet a gory demise.. or anywhere else that has a blind corner will do

Combat drops

“If im going to die, im taking you with me”
One thing ive found quite amusing is dropping a Faux med kit, right before im about to die.. or right when someone sees me… most of the time after they have killed me, they will run to the kit and it will finish them off… dropping kits in combat most people would assume you’re trying to drop it to heal yourself, rather than set a trap for them

And should you live, you only need to run over an ammo pick up, refill and your set to drop some more..

Avoiding Faux pick-ups

– Learn the spawn points for the real kits.. if its in a strange place, dont grab it
– Shoot the kit from a distance before you pick it up (if its fake, it will explode)
– Dont panic in Combat, and grab a health kit an enemy has dropped without checking it first)
– Check places like the hammer room before entering
– Faux kits will show up on the radar as a red dot! (thanks cog )

Hope this helped someone

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