Loadout Basic Tips

Loadout Basic Tips by fatalsaint

So here’s some that I’ve picked up while in Beta:

1) This one is obvious, but people keep forgetting. Put 2 weapons in your loadout that compliment each other, like a long range and a short range, and USE them appropriately. If you die with grenades or full magazines.. you wasted available equipment.

2) You can roll/dive to put out fire. Depending on how much fire you got hit with, this could take 2-3 dives, but it WILL go out faster than just running around screaming “ZOMG Mah Hair!”

3) Ramp jumping. There are SEVERAL spots (almost always related to an uphill incline) in all the maps that if you jump at just the right time, you will jump super high, and super far. Many people have probably done this and not realized how it happened. When running up stairs, or a ramp, or a hill, you can jump near the top for extra boost.

4) Roll jumping. You can dive roll and jump for extra height.

5) In Jack Hammer – have a loadout that includes a Sticky/proximity set of explosives and you can load up a ton around your hammer/flag. Unless the enemies come try and steal it in force, you got a good chance of killing one or two and keeping the hammer.

6) If you use a rocket launcher or anything similar, instead of shooting at the ground in close combat, where the player would stand, shoot sightly above. Experienced the hard way when people started jumping and hitting the ground did little damage to them.

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