Loadout Tips and Tricks

Loadout Tips and Tricks by Xzalander

Game Modes

Collector : Basics and Tips – Collector is a .. collection mode. Bring as many Blutonium Ores to any Grinder as you can for your team without dying.
— The Collector is assigned randomly, per team.
— A new collector is assigned after 3 seconds from the previous collector dying; this can allow you to effectively shutdown their collector if you target him.
— Due to the previous tip; I suggest a 4man team minimum. Collector and Two Guards and One Hunter. Extra players can be assigned alternately to the Hunter Patrol and Guard Patrol.
— There is more than one grinder. Infact theres normally four or five sources to bring Ores to.
— Movement Evasion skills are very useful. Knowing where you can roll leap to is very important for getting to Blutonium before the enemy.
— Its not just a collection item! Shoot one as your enemy nears one to blow it up (after a short flashing timer) killing them in the process.
— Blutonium can be thrown by pressing M1 causing an explosion the same as if you’d shot it. You cannot throw blutonium toward a container, you have to run it up to it for it to count (perhaps this could be changed?)
— Blutonium can still be shot while being held.
— Blutonium seems to explode quicker with sustained shooting (check).

Blitz : Basics and Tips – Blitz is a Control Point based capture mode.
–There are normally 5 capture points per map and only one is ever active at one time.
–Which point is active is random and it seems it has a slight bias against previous Control Points (to prevent doubling up) and a slight bias against player proximity ( the more people near a point the less likely it is to be chosen).
–Control points capture speed increases with players on the point.
–The capture radius is quite wide and includes vertical space. (Example Mid Point on Fissure )

Hammer – Hammer is basically a CTF Mode.
— There is a single Hammer point per team.
–The hammer carrier is NOT marked on the map, you will be notified however if your hammer is not at home.
— The hammer is a working weapon. LMB to hammer.
— The hammer is a medium range impact weapon; however it only reaches infront for 180 degrees arc.
— When facing a hammer wielder you will most likely die if he has close distance to you. However! You can roll under the hammers swing. damage only registers once the hammer hits the floor.
— If you succeed in rolling under the hammer, swiftly melee. A Melee hit to the back is a one hit kill.
— Effective if a little cheap strategies for Hammer Capture points is to lay mines or a turret.
— A useful hammer ability is to do a rolling leap for extra height over your opponent and then activating the hammer strike mid air. You will also rise a little bit so with practise it can be used as a second/third jump.

Death Snatch – Do not be misled by its name. Death Snatch is Kill confirmed. Not Deathmatch.
— Every kill made drops a Red Vial.
— Every death made drops a Green Vial.
— Collect ALL Vials. Collecting a red vial will raise your Team score by 100pts. Collecting a green vial will deny that team score from your enemy. (A green vial to you, is red to them)
— Don’t rush blindly to deny Vials to your enemy, you may just end up denying one vial, only to die and drop one anyway.
— Some teams like to have dedicated Vial Collectors. This is both good and bad, depending on the dedicated collectors knowledge and capability within the map.
— If you think the enemy team have a dedicated Vial Collector, dog him. By the time the rest of his team realise he is no longer collecting you may be able to pull the lead up.
— Always: collect your vials. Even If you have just had a duel and you are low on health, it is better to collect the enemy vial and die (maintaining the score difference) than it is to risk not collecting and dying anyway.
— Again. Vials are NOT optional. If you’re sat on a rear line away from the fight firing Remotes or sniping and there is a vial near you. Make the effort to pick it up. Your team may just win because of it.

Map Tips


— Unusual routes.
— Double Bridge Leap
For example on Fissure you can actually go from Red Hammers Left Exit to Green Hammers Right Exit (Where the double bridges are) without touching the actual floor.
1. Roll out of the archway.
2. Leap midway onto the railing.
3. Keep leaping on the panels across the bridge area.
4. On the final corner to Green Arch leap from the panel directly to the arch.

Alternatively leap from one of the bridge railings to the machinery then straight to a health pack.

—Mid Point Leaps

Each side of the central point where the two health packs and broadcasting van is.
1. Leap from the arch onto the railing, leap across the path to the second railing, leap right up onto the canyon wall.
2. Roll on the ramp up and leap up to the canyon wall.
3. Run up the provided ramp (northern) and do a sprinting leap. Immediately jump on landing to have enough momentum to go straight onto the Van.
4. The Van stairs count as a ramp. Run up them and leap for a quick way onto the van or Canyon wall.
5. Up the ramps (southern) to the Metal platform, maintain momentum and leap over the gap to the second ramp.

— Drill Leaps

1. Leap from the Arch Left or right of the Spawn/Drill, land on the rail and jump again onto the front of the drill.
1b. As above but toward the Hammer Point.
2. Rolling Leap at the back of the drill and straight up through the gap in the railing.
3. Extension of 1. Leap again from the front of the drill to the rocky outcrop and out to the Front arch nearest the double bridges. Jump boots will allow you to almost reach the top of that arch.


Keep Leaping! – Almost anything can be leapt off, excepting the Lamp posts. That includes the Signs at the North Lane (assuming double bridges is south), the machinery at the south lane and if you can get the height the scaffolding in the centre. Some people have even managed to land on the lifted rock at the north mid lane. (I think its a rock, or a ufo.)

Missile Denial! – All missiles can be shot down, this is known. I find the best weapon for it is actually a Beam weapon of any type. Even healing or juice. The beam is instant registry and if you have your beam set to semi auto or full auto you can even get Suicide Assist Kills by aiming for the enemy as they fire their missile.

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