Legend of Edda Collection Items Guide

Legend of Edda Collection Items Guide by SourGreen

This is a guide about how to turn in Collection Items.

I feel like some people might be ignoring the awesome power of the Collection Items, or may just be unaware of it. Sooo, I’ve decided to make a guide explaining everything.

*** NOTE ***
I’ll try to update the items as I find some of them, but keep in mind that I’m totes not a God or anything. D:

Okay, kiddos! So, have you ever been grinding or questing or just murdering for the heck of it and a glowing purple crystal pops out of the carcass of your deceased enemy?


Of course that’s happened to you!

And OF COURSE you’ve picked up some weird item whose description says something about collection quests and some dude named Cutter. But where is he? How do you find him? And what do you do once you do find him?

Scratch your head in confusion no more!

First of all, you gotta find Cutter! Where is this strange man, you ask? In the great Gaiyan Town, of course!


See him? Right there! I’ve even highlighted him for you in the most original color there is! And if you still can’t find him for some bizarre reason, this is that he looks like:


Now that you’ve found that old coot, what do you do? Well, he should have quests for you, depending on your level! How convenient! All you have to do is take the quest, make sure you have the proper number of items, and turn that sucker in for some easy EXP! This feature is especially handy when grinding!

Okie-dokie, readers! Time for the great (incomplete) list of Collection items!
I’ll be constantly updating this thing, so check back when you find something new! :3

Also, this list is a bit lacking right now, as my main character is only level 20, so I’m sorry if I get something wrong/miss a bunch of things. I’ll change it as my character grows. C:

ImageSeed of Hill — 15 — Gaiyan Hills — 6~14
ImageFruit of Hill — 3 — Gaiyan Hills — 6~14
ImageStone of Kobalos Mine — 25 — Kobalos Mine(Gold Mines) — 10~20
ImageJewel Pieces of Kobalos Mine — 8 — Kobalos Mine(Gold Mines) — 10~20
ImageArmor Pieces of War Dead — 45 — Fringe Valley — 16~27
ImageWeapon Pieces of War Dead — 15 — Fringe Valley — 16~27
ImageCursed Warrior’s Ring — 50 — Hypit Cave — 28~35

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