Legend of Edda Acronyms, Words, and Abbreviations

Legend of Edda Acronyms, Words, and Abbreviations by PhoenixCS


I – Updates
II – Notices
III – Rules
IV – #s & Symbols terms and definitions
V – A through L terms and definitions
VI – M through Z terms and definitions
VII – Contributors/Credits
VIII – Links



Help from anybody in the Legend of Edda community is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you know any commonly used acronyms or abbreviations in Legend of Edda that are not in this dictionary, feel free to post in a reply and you will be credited in the 3rd post along with the colour of your faction. If the word isn’t in the dictionary, it’s because I either forgot or don’t know it.


Some words that actually deal with Legend of Edda may not be put up because I either: 1. accidentally read over it. 2. thought some words are pretty self explainable. 3. have not seen the acronyms, abbreviations, or words used often by Edda players. Or 4. saw that it did not follow any of the rules listed below these notices. If there are any questions or concerns about any words you suggested, please don’t hesitate to post a reply.


#1 – No common internet lingo such as ‘Lol’, ‘ttyl’ or ‘NP’ and whatnot.
#2 – No offensive terms.
#3 – No slang terms.
#4 – Only words that are most commonly used among Legend of Edda players. Not among your small group of friends or inside jokes.
#5 – No nicknames or shortened names describing fellow players on Legend of Edda.
#6 – No terms specifically used for other MMORPG games.
#7 – Terms made up by you or another player are not allowed.

—–#s & Symbols—–

% – When someone is referring to the amount of experience points you have. In other words, the percentage of exp you have obtained so far.
10 10 or 15 15 etc – Often used when a player is looking for someone to help in a repeatable quest which involves 10 of the same monsters or quest items and another 10 of another type of monster or quest items. Numbers may vary depending on level and what quest they are doing. Example, 10 10 15 = 10 Broken Crystal Golems, 10 Crystal Golems, and 15 Ice Golems. A repeatable quest obtained from Prayer Statue NPC in Entrance of Trial.
1x – 100% rate: An increased rate at 100% for certain things such as god points, monster drop luck rate, or experients points. Check news/events on Legend of Edda main page to see if any increased rates events are occuring. Will only occur on special events.
2x – 200% rate: An increased rate at 200% for certain things such as god points, monster drop luck rate, or experients points. Check news/events on Legend of Edda main page to see if any increased rates events are occuring. Will only occur on special events.


Adv – Advanced Body: A priest skill which increases max HP by up to 157 points for a short period of time.
Aggro – Aggression/Aggravate: Catching a monster’s or a mob of monsters’ attention to attack you by hitting them with a normal attack, skill or area of effect skill.
AH – Auction House: An NPC used to sell items at a certain price with tax.
AoE – Area of effect: The area in which players/monsters will be attacked by a skill. Attacks more than one.

B> – Buying
Bbl – Bubble: Another abbreviation, commonly used during war to describe a demi-god buff skill clerics have. Please refer to Bubble.
bot – Bottom: Commonly used during war to describe an area on the map.
bot(s) – When a person illegally programs an account to automatically level on it’s own, advertise, or do other functions to gain or win something. Considered against the Legend of Edda rules/ToS and many other MMORPGs.
Bubble – Short for skill clerics have which is titled: Divine Protection or Divine Blessing. It heals and protects up to four friendly targets only during war.

CC – Campus Credit/Cash: Real life money or credit card money to buy premium or cash items off the “Item Shop”.
– Changing Channel: Sometimes used to inform another player that they are changing channels.
CD – Cool down: Delay after using a skill or item.
CH/Ch – Channel
CS – Cash shop: Location for buying cash items. (No that’s not what the CS means in my name |: )

DA – Death Angel – A Swordsman demi-god skill which instantly attacks up to 6 enemies and have a 60% chance of stunning them as well. During the duration of the skill, their attack and defense are doubled.
DC – Dragon Cave/Drake Cave: A dungeon for players around level 31 and above.
– Disconnected
DD – Damage Dealer: A player who deals a great sum of damage towards an opponent.
Def – Defense
DF – Dragon Fortress: A dungeon for players around level 36 and above.
DG – Divine Guard: A party created usually during war or other purposes involving 30 people or less with special functions than a regular party.
dgs – Dungeons: places that can only be entered through the dimensional goddess and contain special monsters different from regular map monsters. Read the following for more info: http://legendofedda.gamescampus.com/gam … ungeon.asp
DPS – Damage Per Second: Damage inflicted on a player or monster per second.
DQ – Daily quests: Quests you can obtain as a grade 2 class, through the Wish Goddess NPC in Gaiyan town. Daily quests are refilled after you’ve completed them at 12:00 AM PST.
DQA – Direct Question and Answer: Helpful function for players who want specific questions to be answered by a GM or Mod. Link for DQA will be listed on the Links area in the 3rd post of this thread.

EC – Enchant Crystal: Cash item which increases 1 stat of your choice by a random amount. Stackable with in-game item enchants.
Elite – Referring to NPCs of a certain faction which have the capability to attack the opposite faction. One type, guards Frosty Windy Valley towns. Both Olympus and Titan Elites are differently dressed and have different swords. The second type is summoned during war to aid their allies. Refer to Gundam
EoT – Entrance of Trial: The sixth location on the Legend of Edda world map. Level ranges between 31-35.

FD – Flying Dragon: A dungeon for players around level 36 and above.
FDN – Flying Dragon’s Nest: A special dungeon located far north of the 7th location on the Legend of Edda world map known as Snow Mountain. Requires 3 coins, level 38 members and a party of 30 players.
FFD – Fortress of Flying Dragon: Refer to FD.
FK – Faunus King: A boss type monster located at the center of Frosty Wind Valley
FWV – Frosty Wind Valley: The 4th location on the Edda world map where PvP is available on Channels 1-3, but not Channels 4 and 5. Olympians and Titans are both located on this map.

G1 – Grade 1: The first class range of levels 1-20
G2 – Grade 2: The 2nd advanced class range of levels 20-40
GC – Games Campus: Company which runs Legend of Edda and many other games.
GL – Guild Leader: Person in charge of a guild.
Glad – Gladiator: Swordsman grade 2 class.
GM – Game Master: A significant person associated with Games Campus company and regulates over the Edda community.
– Gold Mine: The 3rd map in the Legend of Edda world.
– Guild Master: Leader of a guild.
GMA1 – Gold Mine Area 1: A south eastern area of the Gold Mine map/location. Monsters such as Goblins, Old Goblins, Goblin Chaser, and boss monster Phantom Knight are located here.
GMA2 – Gold Mine Area 2: A north western area of Gold Mine map/location. Monsters such as Kimaira, Thunder Kimaira, Goblin Ranger and boss monster Red Goblin are located here.
GMA3 – Gold Mine Area 3: A center northern area of Gold Mine map/location. Monsters such as Goblin Ranger, Goblin Chaser and boss monsters Red Goblin and Phantom Knight are located here.
GOW/GoW – God of War: The highest ranking in Legend of Edda for someone who participates in war constantly.
GP – God Points: Points gained through quests and/or war and used to buy special items known as god items.
GT – Gaiyan Town: Main and first town of Legend of Edda.
Guard – Refer to Gundam
Gundam – A nickname for a high leveled large NPC summoned during war to guard and aid their own faction. Takes multiple players of the opposite faction to take down this elite NPC.

HC – Hypit Cave: A dungeon for players around level 5 and above.
HL – Heal: A cleric skill which heals the allied target’s HP by up to 110 points.
HP – Health Points: The amount of health your character has.
– Health Potions: A consumable item which replenishes your health.

IGN – In-game name: Commonly used term for MMORPGs for a name used in the game.
IP – Immortal Priest: An Elite monster also titled as “Immoral Bishop”. Located at Frozen Temple and must be defeated in a Level 30 quest.


Kos/KOS – Kill on sight: Automatically killing someone as soon as they are in sight or in view.
KS – Kill steal: Stealing someone’s kill or monster. Considered an offensive act.
– Kill support: Supporting another one’s attack on an opponent or monster.

LFG – Looking for guild: A player calling for a guild to recruit them.
LF2M – Looking for 2 members: A player looking for 2 members for their party.
LFM – Looking for more/Looking for members: Commonly used to find people to fill in their party for a dungeon, war, raid, quest, etc.
LFP – Looking for party: Commonly used to find a party. Purpose is usually said after LFP.
LOE – Legend of Edda: An MMORPG game created by Games Campus and Eyasoft and you’re currently playing it…

m – Million
Maint – Maintenance: A term for when Legend of Edda is undergoing technical fixes by the Legend of Edda support team. The game is always down during maintenance and cannot be accessible to play until maintenance is finished. Check the news/events page for any upcoming maintenances.
MH – Marionette Hall: A dungeon for players around level 20 and above.
MMORPG/MMORPGs: Massively Multiple-player Online Role-Playing Game(s)
MP – Magic points/power or Mana points/power: Used for skills/magic.

N> – Need
NPC – Non-playable character: Characters created by game creators which are placed in certain locations which you buy certain items and/or equips. Some non-playable characters offer you quests, or certain functions such as creating a guild, selling items, learning a skill, etc.

OP – Overpowered: Description used towards a skill or class.

PK – Paunus King: A boss monster located in the center of Frosty Wind Valley.
– Phantom Knight: A boss monster located in Gold Mine Area 1 and/or 3 at Gold Mine.
– Player Kill/Killing: Act of killing another player in game.
PM – Private Message: A function in which you can privately message a player by pressing B and writing a message to another player’s inbox. Private message notifications will flash next to your channel navigation on the mini map.
Pots – Potions: Consumable items used for health points or mana points.
PS – Personal shop: A shop you can set up by pressing K, “Action” tab and “Personal Shop”. Be sure to look around or check auction house NPC to find out what the prices should be for the things you’re selling.
PT/pt/Pt – Party: A group of players created for a certain reason such as quests, war, raids, dungeons, etc.
PVP/PvP – Player vs Player


R> – Recruiting
Rep – Repeatable: Short for quests that are repeatable.
Res – Resurrection: A priest skill which resurrects a partied ally with the consumption of HP and MP during resurrection.
RvR/RVR – Realm vs Realm: A commonly used MMORPG term to commonly describe a war between two opposing factions.

S> – Selling
Scan – Hawk Eyes: An Archer skill which reveals an enemy who is using a hide skill. If Hawk Eyes are at skill level 1 and the opponent is using a level 2 hide skill, you will not be able to detect them until you increase it’s skill point.
SD – Snow Dragon: An elite boss monster which resides in the Flying Dragon’s Nest and drops rare items and equips.
Sin – Assassin: A rogue class.
Sinate – Assassinate: A demi-god skill only Assassins can use which attack the enemy with one single blow. Damage given will be 90% of their own health but their target will lack defense power.
SM – Snow Mountain: The seventh location on the Legend of Edda world map. Level ranges between 35-40.
SS – Screenshot: A function used to capture an image of the game by pressing F12. All screenshots will be saved in the Legend of Edda folder.
STW – Sacred Treasure War: A Legend of Edda war between opposing factions/Gods involving crystals which are captured and enshrined in home base.

Tank – A player who is capable of gathering a mob of monsters or opponents for other players to attack.
– Warrior/Defender: Common name for this class.
Tele – Teleport: A cleric skill which teleports them to a desired spot within the screen.
TH – Towa Haunt: A dungeon for players around level 25 and above.
TNL/tnl – Til Next Level: A player uses this after stating how many exp percentage they have left.
ToS – Terms of Service: The basic and vital rules agreed to when playing Legend of Edda.
TP – Towa Palace: A dungeon for players around level 30 and above.

UPG – Upgrade protection gloves: Cash item which protects the equipment during the upgrade attempt. Upgrade Protect Glove will be used regardless of result.

Vend – Refer to PS.

WH – Warehouse: A place to store your items, equips and raw materials.
Whisp – Whisper: A function used to converse with an online player one on one. To use this, type in your chat /(name of character here without parentheses) or press up for someone who has recently whispered you and you would like to reply.
WP – Waypoint: Also known as the safe spot or respawn point. The waypoint also acts as a save point for your portal stone whenever you use it.
WTB – Want to buy: Used in shout or god chat, stating the item the player wants to buy at a certain price/offer.
WTS – Want to sell: Used in shout or god chat, stating the item the player wants to sell at a certain price/offer.
WTT – Want to trade: Used in shout or god chat, stating the item the player wants to trade with another item the player desires.

xtal(s) – Crystal: An object which is acquired in Sacred Treasure War and enshrined at home base for winning points.



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