Legend of Edda Hotkeys and Shortcuts Guide

Legend of Edda Hotkeys and Shortcuts Guide by Ashla

There have been a lot of questions about hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts lately, since everyone likes to set their own hotkeys. Pretty much anything you want there to be an option for (eg. turning off the UI, taking a screenshot, etc.) can be customised. That’s why the latest versions of Edda let you customise your own hotkeys! Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

What is a hotkey?
A hotkey is a keyboard shortcut used for a particular function. It can be anything from opening your inventory to selecting a party member to activating a skill on your skillbar.

Let’s get cracking!

Step 1: Press ESC. This will bring up the Main Menu.

Step 2: Click ‘Key Mapping’ (highlighted in the screenshot) to open the Keyboard Shortucts window. This window is where a list of all hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts are displayed.

Step 3: In order to set a hotkey to a particular action, firstly click on the button next to the action.

Step 4: Press the key on your keyboard that you would like to make the hotkey. The new hotkey should now register in the Shortcuts window.

Step 5: Once you’re done customising the hotkeys to your liking, press OK to save your changes. All done!

FAQ and Troubleshooting
‘Key is already bound. Change it anyways?’ message:
This simply means that the key you’re trying to use already exists for another action. Pressing OK will cause the key to be re-assigned to the new option. Remember, each key can only be used as a shortcut for one option!

What do all the buttons mean?
There are 4 buttons on the Shortcuts window.
Default: Resets all hotkeys back to their default settings. The default settings can be viewed by pressing H at any time.
Clear Key: This removes the currently assigned hotkey from an action when it is selected.
OK: Press OK to save all changes you’ve made.
Cancel: Closes the Shortcuts window without saving your changes.

And that’s it! Happy customising!

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