Legend of Edda Upgrading and Enchanting Guide

Legend of Edda Upgrading and Enchanting Guide by BelatuCadros

Helllooooo and welcome Vengeance players!!!

Today we will be talking about upgrading and enhancing your gear.

Firstly, though, I feel I should cover the stats your gear affects. When you open up your character information screen (C) you will see two vertical rows of stats. The ones on the left are primary stats, the ones on the right are derived stats. The base stats of your gear will affect your derived stats. Enchantments, on the other hand, are reflected in your primary stats. This is important to note, since it takes 10 points in a primary stat to get 1 point in a derived stat.


This is straightfoward and easy to get a handle on. You can upgrade your gear at the anvil in the north end of town, in the area labeled smithy on your map.


To get started upgrading, you simply need to have some armor and/or weapon upgrade stones (the lower level ones can be bought from the NPC near the anvil, higher level ones will have to be farmed or bought from other players). Once you have some, “speak” to the anvil, and select upgrade gear. Drop in the piece of gear, and the appropriate stone, and click the upgrade button at the bottom.

+10 is the maximum upgrade level at the moment. Upgrading to +3 is completely safe. There is no chance of breaking your item, and if you fail it does not downgrade, though you do lose the upgrade stone of course. Past +3, you run the chance of breaking your item, or having it downgrade a level, when you fail. They will have upgrade protection items to prevent these from happening in the cash-shop, once that opens. Be prepared if you go past +3. There will be a HUGE amount of fails, resulting in lots of broken items, if you are not using a protection item.


You can get all of your enchanting needs taken care of in the north part of town, in the area labeled Magic Store. There you will find the enchanting npc, and also a npc that sells low level enchant items. Once again, the higher tier items will have to be farmed or bought from players.


To get started enchanting your gear, you need 3 things: Enchanting dust, an enchant scroll, and an enchant catalyst. The dust and scroll are must haves for enchanting. The catalyst is optional, and increases your chance of getting a higher value when enchanting. I highly recommend using them if you can.

Most gear will have 8 options when you enchant it. They are listed as strength, will, intelligence, wisdom, accuracy, evasion, attack speed, and critical. This is somewhat misleading, since the last 4 actually affect your primary stats, (which are intuition, rapidity, agility, and fortune respectively) and do not directly figure into any of the stats they are named after. As I stated earlier, it takes 10 points in a primary stat to get 1 point in a derived stat. Which means if you enchant a piece of gear with +10 critical, you are actually getting that 10 point bonus in fortune, which will give you an increase of 1 in your critical stat.

When you enchant an item, it has a set range of values that it could possibly be. For instance, when you enchant a level 10 piece of gear, you will get a value between +5 and +12. As the game progresses and we have access to the higher level items, I will compile a full list of ranges.

Deciding what to enchant your gear with is really a personal decision, though some classes favor certain enchants. Tanks should really think about enchanting Wisdom onto their gear, to buff up their magic defense. Assassins should focus on critical or evasion.

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