Knight Age Pupa Aura Guide

Knight Age Pupa Aura Guide by Distearate

About Auras

An Aura is a light surrounding your pupa like in the picture I have above this section. These give no special stats. They are only for cosmetic purposes and do no give your pupa an advantage over another. You could say the color shows how strong you pupa is based on their merge stats.

How to get Auras

You get an Aura when you merge your pupa. You get different colored Auras based on the merge stats of your pupa. This requires some math skills to be able to pull this off, unless you are just rich and keep merging until you get the color you want. There are a certain number of stats your pupa has to have or get above in order to get a certain color. I will refer to the stats as points. These will be shown below.

Yellow200-549 Points
Blue550-850 Points
Purple851-1199 Points
White1200+ Points

How to Count the Points

Now this is the complicated part. I will try to explain this as easily as possible, so bear with me. First of all, regular stats like Str, Dex, Agi, Con, Int, and Wis all count as 1 point each. So if you have 33 Dex on your pupa, it has 33 points towards an Aura. That’s pretty easy you may say, but the next part is what may confuse you. It is impossible to get the Purple and White Aura with stats alone. Let me show you, the max stat I’ve seen on a pupa was 125. 125×6 is 750 points. To get Purple Aura you need 851. So how do you get these points? You get these points through the Addition and Absorption stats on your pupa. These are the elements that a pupa can gain resistance and attack from. They can be found in the property tab in your pupa window. The way you add up these points is that you have to multiply the number that is in the parenthesis which is this (x). The numbers on the left side of the slash (/) are the Addition points. Addition you multiply the number in the parenthesis by 25. So let’s say you have (3) Addition in Fire. You multiply 3 with 25 to get 75 points. You then add those 75 points to the stats your pupa already has. This works for all Elements in the Addition part. Now on the left side of the (/) are your Absorption points. You have to multiply the number in the parenthesis by 4. Let’s say you have (20) points. What you do is multiply 20 by 4 to get 80 points. This also works for all of the Elements in the Absorption side.

Example Pupa

I’m going to show you my cute Jack Frost’s stats; he has a nice screen shot at the top of this guide. Don’t hate him just because he’s not rare.

Calculations for Example

Merge Tab Stats:

96 + 33 + 94 + 95 + 97 + 89 = 504 Points

Property Tab Stats:

(2*25) + (1*25) + (20*4) + (23*4) + (8*4) + (19*4)

50 + 25 + 80 + 92 + 32 + 76 = 355 Points

Combine the Two Points

504 + 355 = 859 Points

End Notes

Please note that it could take a lot of gold to get Purple and White Auras. Rare or Blue Named pupa can give stats over 135 at max. Regular pupa gives a max of 99 stats. If you have any other questions please post and like this thread if it has helped you. Thank you for reading!

Gold Aura

We have confirmed that there is actually an Aura higher than White, it is Gold. Currently The stats to get Gold Aura are 1400+.

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