Knight Age Pupa Basic Guide

Knight Age Pupa Basic Guide

What is a Pupa (Pet)?

– A pet-like monster owned and raised by the player for aid in combat
– Creatures living throughout the world of Hayde. They are not hostile monsters nor are they humans nor giants. ** People call these creatures the Pupa. Although it is unclear as to where they come from or how they came to be, there is one legend that is passed on. Along, long time ago, a wise drago” “Arche” abandoned his emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure,” in this world in order to enter the divine realm. These emotions, now scattered throughout the world and has morphed into a variety of creatures. These are said to be the various Pupa found in Hayde. Depending on their type. Pupae may employ special abilities. In certain conditions, they may also petrify their own bodies into magical gems called ‘Panta’ that contain special properties. While most are jovial and do not harm humans, one comes across ferocious ones at times.

Despite the fact that they are wild, they sometimes enter in to a master-servant relationship with humans and serve their human masters.

* The word “pupa” means ‘doll’ in Latin.
* “Arche” is a Greek word which means ‘beginning’. In philosophy, it is translated as ‘principle’.

Obtaining a Pupa

– Pupae are generated across the world in eggs.
– The player picks up a Pupa egg and visits a Pupa Master at a Pupa Temple.
– Through the Pupa Master, the player can establish a pact with the Pupa and owns it.

Developing a Pupa

– Pupae receive EXP through the player’s hunting.
– As the Pupa gains levels, skills are automatically acquired and skill levels improved.
– Alternatively, a player may feed his/her Pupa an equipment item by clicking the “Feed” button. The Pupa’s EXP increases according to the level of the item.

Setting the Pupa’s Behavior

– Pupae come with three combat modes and move according to the settings.

Attacks enemies preemptively

Attacks enemies when the master is attacked

Waits until the master commands to attack

Pupa Controls

– Control the Pupa during combat with the Attack, Wait, and Return commands.
– Feed Pupa equipment items by clicking ‘Feed’. The Pupa’s EXP increases according to the level of the item.
– Bring your Pupa back to life by clicking ‘Revive’. The ‘Revive’ icon is only active within an Arche’s Circle.

Pupa’s Energy
– As your Pupa engages enemies in combat, its energy is consumed.
– When the energy level reaches 0, the Pupa’s behavior is set to ‘Passive’.
– Dismiss the Pupa or feed it to recover its energy.

Panta Gauge
– Feeding your Pupa increases its Panta Gauge.
– When the gauge reaches 100%, you can create a Panta within an Arche’s Circle.
– Once the Panta has been produced, the gauge returns to 0%.

Pupa Skills
– Each Pupa has unique skills.
– As the Pupa gains levels, skills are automatically acquired and skill levels improved. A Pupa can have up to 5 skills.
– Active skills can be assigned to the shortcut key slots to be used.

What is Pupa Merge?

– A system in which two Pupae are merged to imbue one with the additional attributes from the other
– The target Pupa’s level must be 15 or higher to perform a mi
– The Pupa to be absorbed either loses its level or turns into a Panta.
– Speak with a Pupa Master at a Pupa Temple to merge Pupae.

How It Works
1 / Speak with a Pupa Master and open up the Pupa Merge window.
2 /Assign the Pupa to be enhanced.
3 / Assign the Pupa to be absorbed.
4 / Click Merge”.
5 / If the required fee in the inventory is met, you will see special effects and the Pupae will be
06 / The merge results window is displayed.

01 / Each Pupa received different amounts of attribute points through the merge.
Merge Pupa
02 / Depending on the Pupa, there may be Elemental Extra/Absorption abilities bonus aside from Str, Dex, Int, Agi, Wis, and Con.

What is the Panta System?

– Produced by Pupae, Pantas can be inserted in sockets on weapons or armor for extra attribute points.

Creating a Panta
– When a Pupa’s Panta Gauge is reaches 100%, click “Generate Panta” within an Arche’s Circle to produce a Panta.
– Depending on the property of the Pupa, the Panta takes on one of the four elements: fire, water, wind, or earth.
– A -1 Panta is commonly created. However, the higher the level of the Pupa, a higher level of Panta may be generated.

Types of Panta
– Pantas are divided largely into four categories depending on their elemental properties: fire, water, wind, or earth. They are then subdivided into Pantas that provide elemental damage absorption or bonuses.
– Extra adds an elemental damage bonus on the enemy, while Absorption reduces elemental damage received.

Panta Combination
– Two Pantas of equal level and elemental property can be combined to produce a higher level Panta.
– Combine Pantas by talking to a Pupa Researcher at a Pupa Temple.
– A catalyst with the appropriate elemental property for each Panta is required to combine Pantas. It costs a bit of money, too.
– Panta combination has a chance of failing and when it does, the Pantas used as ingredient, the catalyst, counteragent and fee will all be lost.
– Counteragents are optional ingredients that improve the chance of success.

1 / Talk to a Pupa Researcher and open the Panta Combination window.
2 / Assign the Pantas to combine.
3 / Assign a catalyst of the correct element.
4 / To increase the chances of success, assign a counteragent.
5 / Click “Combine”.
6 / If there is sufficient money in the inventory, the fee will be deduced and the Pantas will be

Panta Sockets
– You can add Panta Sockets by speaking with a Pupa Researcher at the Pupa Temple.
– Weapons and other equipment items can have up to two Panta Sockets.
– The attempt to add sockets may fail. If it fails, the target item will not destroyed, but the fee and the Refining Stone will be consumed.
– The first Panta Socket can be added with the fee alone. The second Panta Socket requires a Refining Stone as well as the fee. Once used, the Refining Stone will be consumed regardless of the outcome of the attempt.

1 / Assign the item to which a socket will be added.
2 / If this is the first socket, click “Add Socket.
3 / If this is the second socket, place a Refining Stone and click “Add Socket”.
4 / If there is sufficient money in the inventory, the fee will be deduced and the socket added.

Inserting Pantas
-If sockets have been added to an item, shift – right-click to bring up the Socket Info window.
-Place the desired Pantas in the sockets and click “Equip” to insert them.
-Once inserted, Pantas cannot be removed. But if another Panta would be inserted additionally, the previous Panta will be replaced.

What are the Four Elements?

– In the world of Hayde, there are four elements: fire, water, wind, and earth. These elements form the very foundation of all that is in the world and of magic itself. An ordinary creature is affected equally by all four elements, and this balance means that the creature does not take on the power of any one particular element. However, magic taps into the power of a particular element, hence the affinity to one type of element which renders it ineffective against an enemy of the same 4 elemental property.

A creature that was either created by magic or imbued with magic takes on its elemental property.
These creatures resist a portion of the damage inflicted by weapons or magic with the same elemental property. Thus, proper weapons and spells must be used after the elemental property of the enemy has been observed.

In other cases, people of Hayde World sometimes imbue their weapons and armor certain elemental powers to use them in combat against monsters. The relationship between the elements is encapsulated in the following saying: “Earth captures the flow of water”, “Water extinguishes fire”, “Fire consumes wind”, and “Wind cuts earth”.

Elemental Information

-Elemental damage is added on top of the normal dwige inflicted by a character
-Pupas and monsters comes with inherent elemental attributes. Pupas, however, can have these attributes enhanced through the merging process.
-Player’s character can increase this value with Pantas. The higher the value, the greater the elemental effect on the weapon.

– Elemental damage reduction from the attacks of the enemy
– Pupae and monsters comes with inherent elemental attributes. Pupae, however, can have these attributes enhanced through the merging process.
– Player’s character can increase this value with Pantas.

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