Knight Age Mage Basic Guide

Knight Age Mage Basic Guide by AriaSaitcho

Firstly, I’m not going to go into a lot of details on put pts on x at level y or give plusses and minuss on the various build that I’m going to go over. I believe that, for the most part those are individual preferences and that you should really be building a character that fits your playing style. Not building (what amounts to) a cookie cutter, it worked for that guy type build.

Ok, There are really for builds that you can make with a mage: healer, fire, air, and hybrid.

1) Healer ~ lynchpin of any party, the healer is charged with keeping the other members alive. This is pretty much a support only role, not that you can’t do any damage, it’s more that what damage you can do is negligable when compared to your team mates. For this build you should be putting almost all pts to healing, only putting pts to either fire or air when you have no options in the healing skill set.

2) Fire/Air ~ damage dealers, dps artists with a minor in healing. The main function of this type is to kill mobs quickly and effeciently before they can cause harm to the other members in your party or yourself (if soloing); you can do some healing in a pinch but the other members of your party shouldn’t be relying on you to keep them alive in a battle. If you’re in a party, there should also be a straight healer in the party. You are emergency backup healing at best. For these builds you should be putting almost all pts to either fire or air, only putting pts on healing when there are no other options in your chosen skill set.

3) Hybrid ~ jack of all trades, master of none. If done well this could be a really powerful build. If built like most players attempt to build hybrids, it’ll suck, badly. I try to steer players away from building this type because most players simply do not have the experience building a hybrid to come anywhere close to building a decent hybrid.

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