Kingdoms of Camelot Beginner’s Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Beginner’s Guide by Dman1

From 50 might to 2mil.

City Construction

Cottages- You will want to build either five or six cottages. Cottages provide population to work your fields and to train into troops. The more cottages you have the more troops you can train. As a quick tip you will want to keep an eye on the idle population number as if it goes negative you will not be able to train troops or gather your full potential in resources. If your population goes negative or is running very low you will want to upgrade your cottages, they are fairly quick and easy builds so don’t focus on this until you need more population. I prefer to run five cottages but that does require one to train in smaller batches of troops later in the game and requires more attention.

Tavern- Don’t build a tavern. They are useless. They are designed to keep your population happy which makes it grow. Instead of building a tavern and using up a space in your city go inside your castle and change the tax rate to 0%. That will make your population very happy and they will grow quickly to fill your cottages. This will allow you to train more troops later in the game. Now when you need gold you can go inside the castle and click the “collect gold” button. This will drop the happiness in your cities by 20 each time but it will go up quickly. I recommend hitting the button every time your happiness is above 95.

Market- Don’t build a market. If you follow this guide you will not be likely to need the resources from the market. It isn’t worth the space that it takes up in your city.
Storehouse- The storehouse allows you to protect a portion of your resources. Early in the game this is important and for now I recommend building a storehouse. Keep in mind though that once you hit about 2mil might or so you will want to tear down the storehouse and replace it with a barracks so do not make it a priority for upgrading.

Alchemy Lab- In your first two cities you will want an alchemy lab. The first one will need to be leveled up to level five as quickly as possible so you can start researching fletching. This lab will need to be leveled up in order to constantly raise your fletching level and eventually it should be the first place you use a Divine Inspiration. The second Lab should focus on Mining, Metal Alloys, and Alloy Horseshoes in order to get Heavy Cavalry. This lab will also take care of leveling up everything else while the first lab is working on fletching.

Barracks- Barracks are one of your most important buildings. You will want to build 16 Barracks per city to start with and build them quickly. If you have an alliance that is helping you with clicks you will be able to build a lvl 1 barracks instantly. I recommend getting 16 lvl 1 barracks as fast as possible. You will then want to level one up to level 4 as quickly as possible so you can get archers. This are your workhorse unit for the rest of the game, the more you can build now the better off you will be in the early game.

Knights Hall- The knights hall is also vitally important. It is the only building in your city that affects literally everything else in your kingdom. You will want to very quickly appoint 14 knights to each city. Four to assign to roles and 10 that you will use for fighting. You want to get them appointed quickly so that they will begin to level up right from the start of the domain. Before long builds or researches make sure to check your knights and level them up as that will shorten those times. This should be a priority to level up as quickly as possible.

Watch Tower- Level 8 Watch Tower is necessary for the alliance to be able to competently defend you. This is not a top priority as the barracks and Knights Hall are but it is close. Don’t worry about Level 9 until you are running out of things to build. It does not provide terribly useful information.
Rally Point- You will want to get this to Level 4 almost immediately. It is a quick build so that should not be much of an issue. You can send one march per level of the Rally Point. I will explain in the cresting section why you will want to be able to send at least 4 marches at a time. You will want to upgrade this around the same time you are upgrading the Watch Tower. The higher Level this is the bigger advantage you have over your opponents. The Rally Point is the second building you will use a Divine Inspiration on.

Stable- You will want to get the stable to level 5 as quickly as possible. This will allow you to research Level 5 Alloy Horseshoes and get Heavy Cavalry, the second most useful unit in the early game after archers. Further leveling should be a low priority but done when you can.

Blacksmith- You will want the Blacksmith to be to Level 6 as quickly as possible. This will allow you to build Wall Mounted Cross Bows in your Wall and to do the necessary research to get heavy Cavalry. After level 6 it is a low priority.

Workshop- The workshop allows you to build siege troops which are not terribly effective in the early game. It also allows you to level up your Wall which is required to level up your Castle. Try to make it a priority to keep the Workshop on the same level as the Wall at all times so you can always upgrade it when appropriate.

Wall- The Wall allows you to build defenses and allows you to upgrade your Castle. A level 6 Wall is a priority so you can start building Wall Mounted Cross Bows. Further leveling will be driven by a need to upgrade the Castle.

Castle- The Castle is one of the longest builds in your city it is also one of the most important. I tend to leave any Castle builds after level 4 or so for when I know I will be off of the game for several hours. When you go to bed or work it is a great time to toss on a Castle or a Wall build. Each level on the Castle allows you to gain control of one more wild and gives you three more spaces in your field.

Embassy- Embassy allows you to house troops from your alliance in case of attack. Early in the game it is not vital to have it leveled very high. Level 2 or 3 is sufficient.

Relief Station- Level 1 Relief Station is a requirement to be able to move your troops quickly between your cities. Further leveling is important but this is the absolute longest build in your city and should be saved for only times when you know you will be away for a very long time and do not need to upgrade your Castle or Wall.

Build your fields evenly for now in each of your cities. Later in the game you will specialize on one resource type but for now you want to work at getting all of your resources built up. If you are getting help building from your alliance most of the field builds will be instant up to level 4 or 5. A level 5 farm and Level 3 mine should be a priority as these affect builds in your city.


You will need to collect crests to get your 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th cities. For now let’s focus on the 3rd city.
In order to get it quickly you will want to attack a level 5 wild that is unowned. It does not matter which type of wild as long as it is level 5.
To attack a Level 5 wild you will want to send two waves. The first wave is 50 militia men. The second wave is 2200 Archers and 1 militia man. Once your troops take the wild you will want to abandon it and then send another round immediately of 50 Militia men and another of 2200 archers and 1 militia man.
This is a total of four marches out at a time and the reason we want a Level 4 Rally Point.
You will need to have Level 6 Fletching in order to attack a level 5 wild without risking your archers and you will want to find a Level 5 wild directly next to your city.
If you use this method you will not get a crest every time, but should get all the crests you need in 200-300 hits. That should take you about 3 hours of solidly hitting and abandoning that wild.


Barbing will provide you with food and wood to keep your cities going. This is especially important if you are building archers (as you should) since they take a large amount of wood to build.
For a Level 1 Barb Camp you want to send in 500 Archers and 500 Supply Troops.
Level 2 is 2500 Archers and 500 Supply Troops
Level 3 is 5000 Archers and 500 Supply Troops
Level 4 is 10,000 Archers
Level 5 is 15,000 Archers
Level 6 is 22,000 Archers
Level 7 is 45,000 Archers.

This guide is meant to get you started and is by no means the end all be all to how this game is played. There is an additional guide for players over 2mil might as the city make up should change considerably around that point in the game. Following this guide is meant to allow a player to grow very quickly from start to 2mil might.

This guide has been brought to you by Dman. Accept no substitutions.

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