Kingdoms of Camelot Battle Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle Guide by Travis Tvp Vinson

I DID not write this guide, it was provided to me by a friend, I’m sure this same guide is somewhere on these forums. But to save time ill post it here, I completely agree with whats said here.

Lots of battle guides existed before. Many were wrong, but had some shreds of truth. This one is based on the information provided recently by Kabam on their forums.

First and most important is that the way Xbows function has changed. Previously they were erroneously using the level of the wall as a bonus to their range, giving them a range of almost 3000! This completely changed the way battle operated, forcing defending troops and attacking troops to spend many turns of movement before they came within range of any opposing force. Meanwhile the Xbows were firing each round, taking out a significant portion of any attacking force. Due to the speed of each unit, the Scouts arrived and died first. Then Cav and Heavy Cav would come into range, etc. It was primarily the speed of the units that determined who engaged what. That is no longer true.

From now on, Xbows have the correct range of 1300 base, modified by the defender’s fletching level. That means that no matter what, the Xbows are always less range than that of the defenders Cats and Bals and always more than the defenders archers. The net effect of this change is that battle now works similar to how it worked when a defender had no xbows previously. Here’s the breakdown:

First there is a pre-combat stage where traps and trebs ‘fire’. They get their licks in and then battle continues.

The initial range of all troops is set at the maximum range of all troops involved. This includes fletching bonus. If a defender has Cats and Level 10 Fletching, then the range at start is 2250. If the attacker has Cats too, but their fletching is L11, then the troops start at 2325. If the attacker has Heavy Cav and the defender has Pikes, Archers and Xbows only, then the range will be the range of Xbows(1300) modified by their fletching level.

The implications are huge. It means that if one of the combatants has higher fletching and uses ranged troops, they get in a free shot. In the example above, the attacker sets the range of battle at 2170, but the defender can only reach out to 2100. That means that the attacker is going to fire first, and in doing so is going to kill an EQUAL number of opposing Cats. If the defender has any cats remaining after the attacker’s result, then the defending cats (and all their other troops) will move forward to try and get in range. On the second round, since the defender and attacker are now within range of each other, both will fire at each other and take losses.

In simple terms, this means that an attacker with higher level fletching, or with Cats when you have Bals, or similar, will always have a free round of fire, or more if the range difference is great enough. If there are enough forces on one side to take out the entire amount of troops within range each round, the person with the range advantage can walk away from a battle with ZERO losses while completely taking out the opponent. Even when this isnt possible, an enemy with higher fletching will always get a free first punch. This works both ways, too, so if you are the defender and you have L11 Fletching, and you have 500K Cats, I guarantee that nothing whatsoever can touch you except for another player with L11 fletching with Cats. Everything else will die instantly even in waves of 300K without so much as killing a scout.

Let me underscore this point one more time because its so important.


One gets DI’s for their 5th, 6th, and 7th cities. Thats enough to build cats and get L10 Fletching. Close, but you will absolutely not be effective against someone who has L11 Fletching. Unless they give away a DP with the 8th city, whenever it openes up, you are going to have to gem up to play the role of attacker.

Do not entirely lose hope, however. There is a way to defend against even L11 Fletching 300K Cat waves. In order to explain how, I need to provide you with a post made by the assistant producer of KoC that explains the herefore-to unknown variable that has confounded many attempts to understand the battle system – the Accuracy factor. Rather than rephrase, I am copying here what was written:

Underlying the game, but not communicated anywhere in the interface, is a notion of troop ‘accuracy’ against other troops. This doesn’t mean the chance to hit, despite the term; troop ‘accuracy’ in this case serves as a multiplier for the number of attacks that a given troop makes against other troops. Accuracy is determined by the attacker’s type, and the defender’s type.

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